Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yet Another Winner...or Winners....

I give up trying to load all the pictures this morning. A girl has only so much time before having to leave for work and this uploading doesn`t seem to want to work........

They get better and better each time, these performers.
If I were a rock star I would dress like Delana. I`m not, so I don`t, but she looked great last night and so like a rock star and again she was fantastic. She only lacks in the song writing department so far.
She sang like she was already a member of the band while Gilby Clark of Guns and Roses played his guitar.

There seem to be some more contenders though.
Ice Man ( Magni )from Iceland sang The Dolphin’s Cry by Live playing his acustic guitar alone and he was fantastic.
Then there was Storm who did a fabulous job of "We Are The Champions" by Queen. Not many could do that.

And then there was Lukas, a fellow Canadian. He surpassed himself this time singing Creep by Radiohead. Used his voice the way the guys knew he could. Incredible.
Toby from Australia.....although this wasn`t his best performance, if he doesn`t get picked I can see him with his own successful band.
It`s going to be one hard decision I`m sure for them to choose in the end.
Delana? Lukas? someone else?
Delana and the Ice man suit the look I think the most and the vocals. Dilana has her own web pages. although I`m not having much luck with anywhere there either. Dial-up can be a pain.


Jeanne said...

I love music in my life so much.
The songs you mentioned and the singers sound fabulous.
Summer finds me outdoors most of the time so I don't watch much TV all summer long.

Fabulous to read your journal each day!
Love Jeanne

Shelley said...

Gotta love that music. I think my life is a musical comedy. LOL

Hugs to Ms. Tea.

judypatooote said...

Oh it's so nice to find someone that loves that show.....I know that I'm a 65 year old granny, and not from the rock age, but I just love that show.....I think they should stop and just give it to Dilana, for she is the one......she looks the part, she doesn't act like an idiot like a few.......that's where my vote goes.....I think Lukas looks the part, but he's not as good as Dilana......I watched it last year too, and downloaded a bunch of songs.....this year, achhhhh.... I did love it when Dilana and Gilby sang together.....thanks for

Kali said...

Hi! I can't wait again for this weeks's getting really good. Thanks for the Dilana's site.
Take care and have a lovely day...Kali