Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Believe......

Blogging is for thoughts and I open up my thoughts here not trying to shove them on anyone else......this is just me.....

(Note: I do consider myself a Christian, but in a non-organized way. I believe that the Son of God was sent to experience what it was like to be human, so God could understand his creation, and find a way to get us on a better path. I don`t feel there is anything wrong with a person stating what they believe. After all, is that not part of what makes each of us who we are?)

I don`t believe in Religion.
I believe in Faith.
Religion separates and supresses.
Faith brings together and frees.
Religion is man-made.
Faith is God-made.
I have always believed this and always will.
I believe there is a place somewhere after this life where man walks hand in hand with each other and beast is a companion rather than a meal.
I believe that if that were not so, we would not have been instilled with the longing for a better world.
I believe that somewhere inside even the most horrific of our human species, this longing did exist at one point.
Unfortunately the bad things in this world are due to man`s free will with a large dash of greed and bad influences added.
I believe someday, somewhere.....perhaps it`s on another planet, is heaven. Perhaps it will be here too, one day, that goodness will overcome evil.
There are far too many mysteries about life to brush it all off as unimportant to question. Only those that have passed on know. It remains the "Great Mystery" to us still in this life.

Humans, animals, plants.
Impossible for something so detailed to come from nothing.
Science reaches everyday for the answers, trying to prove there was no creator and
art attempts to teach us the answers.
I believe that only a "Great Artist and Scientist" could have created life.
I believe we will have the answers someday.
I believe every human being will be of worth to others.
I believe compassion and love will overcome.
I believe there will be no more needless suffering.
This is what I believe.
(my version of the Ace of Cups done several years ago)


Shelley said...

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady. Its a treasure to know such a thoughtful and kind hearted person as yourself. Have a beautiful day!

miss*R said...

ooh, well said! - I believe in God but not in religion. I have a very strong faith. I believe many paths one Heaven. Nice to see at last, that someone else comes out and says it also !!!!!!!

Rosa said...

Very well said, indeed. I have gotten away from a practiced faith but have strong faithfrom within. i don't need to pray with hundreds to have my prayers heard, I don't need to socialize to feel close to God. I call myself a more spiritual than religious. I don't think God cares how you practice as long as you believe in Him and trust in Him.

Kali said...

Nice Post. I don't believe in any single religion. I do believe in God and in Faith.

I also think that everyone is entitled to talk about and post whatever they wish on their blog...I personally choose not to talk about religion or such on my blog.

I hope your having a delightful day :)

Daisy Lupin said...

That was a lovely post, and I love the sentiments of it. You are a very brave lady for coming out and saying all this. Well done! We must be able to say what we want. Is that your artwork illustrating it? xx

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Yes Daisy, that`s a card I did a few years ago. My goal was to make 78 but I`m a long way off and not sure if I`ll ever pick it up again. Maybe. I consider myself sort of a mystic Christian I suppose. There`s so much fighting amongst who`s right and who`s wrong. So many wars have been fought hiding behind "religion"


VintagePretty said...

It's always interesting to hear things from another person's perspective - very interesting indeed :)

Merry xmas!

Katherines Dream said...

That was well said and I agree with you.
A deeply felt post and very thought provoking.
Carol x