Sunday, May 22, 2011

It`s About Time

It`s been forever since I`ve posted anything here. Shame on me, but sometimes life keeps one so busy with other things etc etc.   I have a little more time for the computer now, so I thought I would throw on a picture of sweet Elvis.

 This is his lady friend, neighbor Sandy. Isn`t she a pretty girl?

She really wishes that Elvis would play with her, but sadly most times he feels too old to want to be bothered much with childish things that a three year old likes to do, especially run around and play ball.

And Jen over at Calamity Jen
here`s my garden lol 

Our weather has been extremely chilly and very wet but the last two days have brought lovely sunshine, so maybe there is hope yet for sun and warmth.

Not much happening here, I`m afraid, but we will have some nice veg regardless.  I gave up with any sort of ground garden because the ground in back here gets so sopping wet. Stones rather than soil now. I have lost an enormous amount of perennials and garden vegetables over time by being too darn stubborn to realize what a lost cause it was. It truly becomes a bit of lake after a lot of rain.

Remember that nice brick patio we built? Well bricks crumble and we knew that but I was insistent that we at least try something nice that we could do for cheap. So now after three years, they are gone and have been replaced with stones. I loved the bricks but bricks will be bricks. It looks more like dirt in the picture but moss is beginning to grow in some of the cracks which will hopefully add a little country charm back here.
Well that`s all for now really. I think tomorrow morning I will enjoy doing some blog visiting. It`s long overdue!
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone. It`s Victoria Day tomorrow or as we like to call it, May 24th long weekend!