Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving Things Around

Tatum is 5 months old now! He`s really growing fast and so sweet.

I have a "what do I put of the shelf?" window problem. The plants don`t match at all and I`ve now moved them. I brought the dark pink flowers out from the bedroom for the table for now, until I can think of something else. They are springy anyway and add colour. The chest is from the hall. I wish I had another round picture for the other side of the window. Maybe I can find one sometime. I love that Pears Soap dog. He`s from the kitchen.

This was painted gold before and I decided to make it more garden-like with some acrylic paints and water.

It`s now sitting in the window looking lonely LOL
This mirror went from the bedroom to the kitchen and now the end of the frontroom.

This is another project waiting to be done. I found this heavy Ralph Lauren Khaki stripe online really cheap.

Lots of plants in the kitchen. That stone vase was $15 at a vintage shop downtown Toronto. Picked it up when we went to visit my daughter. It can hold water well for flowers or plants. I stuck an artificial one in for now.

Sunday was my first day off in 13 days and I got a lot done. Removed two cupboard doors and lined them with fabric stapled on. Some jagged lace is what I have in mind for the edges. The under sink cupboards are coming off next and a skirt to replace them when I get the fabric and the energy. I do have the rod already hehe.

I hauled in this old mirror from the spare room and put a print on either side. They need frames yet someday. And moved over a bit. I shoud wait until things are the right way before I post pictures really, but hey, this is real life and I`m decorating "on a dime" or "a dollar" these days. I`m trying for a country style French/Italian/English look LOL Besides, my blogging powers have poorly sunk since I first started out and it`s easier and faster to slap up pictures than use the brain power for Toe Tales or Theodore tsk.

The dog print has now moved above the computer table. I made a skirt and stapled it on around and brought in an old lamp.

Teddy turned 22 this month and though scraggly looking, he`s still got some spunk left in him. I had this crystal hainging in the window and when I changed the curtains it fell on the floor and became a toy.

I`ve saved the best pictures for last :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been So Busy Working and Decorating

I replaced the clock with a poster that is on canvas and fitting over a piece of wood. I don`t dare show you the back because my quickest way to do that was to use hubby`s red tuc tape(chuckle)
I hung it from a cord that is not showing here yet.

Kathleen at
The Inspired Room bought some lovely tea towels and made some pillows and they looked so pretty that I decided to search some out. I found these and they fit the bill. I hope she doesn`t mind my using her wonderful idea.
I finally tossed out my broken down lop-sided computer chair and hauled out one of the old bedroom chairs. Being rose it didn`t match, so I threw a throw over it. Threwing a throw worked too hahahe!

Painted the chair dark brown that`s in the front room and wrapped a "one day when I have time, I `ll make a pillow cover" piece of stripe over it.

Been working over time all weekend but Elvis says hi :) May your week be blessed, who reads this and happy week ahead. This dog`s gonna relax for the rest of the night :)