Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I`m a Bad Blogger.......

Wow....Spring is finally here. An unusually chilly one though.
I`ve been busy working and too tired when I get home to blog really. I think I`ve run out of things to write about. Also any time I`m on the computer it`s doing research looking for specific things and with slow internet....oh boy! Hours wasted LOL
Hubby is making a headboard from a picture for our bed and then later the footboard. When that`s all done and we`re finally able to find some nice wood appliques, I`ll post about it.
For now, here`s Elvis and Tatum for you Judy :) Tat is such a happy little guy and already 7 months old! Off to work soon. This is one of the rare unfortunate days that I`m working in the afternoon. But these days I`m thankful to have a job.
Hope everyone is doing good.