Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally Brave Enough for Original Decor Idea....

If anyone read this blog last year, they will know how I was trying to change my frontroom/livingroom into off white and green. I fell inlove with some brick red floral fabric which was also more practical with pets and everyday sitting on.
My couch was green but the sheeting I used was starting to wear, being so thin. You can see it at the side here on the blog.

Decided to try a slipcover throw I made on the couch and I liked it. After measuring the couch, I bought two size double, thick and textured....and washable bedspreads from Sears,with three king size pillow shams. The pillow shams were big enough to make cushion covers.I decided against actually fitting the spreads other than sewing them together in the middle because this way it`s easier to get them off to wash and also I haven`t ruined two nice bedspreads.

I used an odd sheer to put on the backs.

I then dug out a natural coloured old big throw bedspread and threw it over the armchair. I liked it.

Then I took the only other thing I had half big enough, and near the colour, I put in on the wing chair. The green plaid is still showing and though it isn`t in the colour shade of the other greens, seems to work for now.

I then recovered the pillows in what I had of the greens I liked and then took down the brick floral curtains on the end window.

Today I decided to move the couch back to the spring and summer position. Not quite February yet and I`m dreaming of all this snow and cold being gone. I`ve been thinking of it for a couple of days but though "`s too early yet. The couch is nice in view of the fire." But what the heck, it`s only my own rule I wanted to break lol So I did.....

Tv`s sure spoil the look of things though. I didn`t want to put it in the middle because it takes away from the fire place, so it`s here catty-corner. I would really like to make this corner look better. But I haven`t a clue of what else can be done with using what I have.

I had a problem with where to now stick Elvis` bed. Teddy`s was fine in front of the fireplace as he likes to sleep there.
I stuck it here beside Ted`s....

Elvis seems okay with it.


The plain sheers suit better at this end now too. Although you can`t see them for the light coming through the window.....

To chrisen the couch, hubby accidentally spilled a whole lot of red wine on one of the cushions.
Without thinking I whipped it off....tearing all the straight pins out as fast I could because I hadn`t sewn it yet at the time and rinsed it in cold water and dumped some of this in the washer.

It took it all completely out! Whew!

So that`s what I`ve been up to. Not blogging too much but I finally had something to put up.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have a birthday party to go to tonight.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bits and Pieces and Toile

Well, it`s been awhile since I`ve posted. My excuses are work and slow internet and having nothing really to post. I did go to the chiropractor for the first time. From my neck to my lower back was all seized up he said. Aside from being darn sore anyway all the time, my neck was stiff dor three months and hurt to turn. It felt like he was ripping my head off, but it sure did loosen it up! LOL
We had a lovely Christmas and New Year, as I hope everyone did. Teddy is still doing reall well for turning 22 this March.
The cats got catnip mice for their gift. Izzy was the most excited over it....

Elvis likes to get up on the bed at night if I`m reading. Angus happened to be in his spot, so he pushed him over....

I`ve always been intrigued with this old home. Woundering what it looked like inside. For Canada, it must be quite old and I bet amazing inside. It`s now for sale and in my dreams, I think I`ll buy it LOL

We went to the movies last night and saw Grand Toreno. I would definately recommend this movie. It is surprisingly profound and moving. Not what you think. It`s about an old grumpy man, messed up from the Vietnam war, who`s just lost his wife and has alienated his grown children. His wife`s last wish was for him to go to confession. He chooses to confess the real truth to someone other than the priest though. When the movie is over you are left remembering all the subtle hints and symbologies and we were quite affected by it all. I can`t say more without spoiling it for anyone wanting to see it. Warning...the language is bad though for children.

One of the stars was at the theatre signing posters. Her name is Ahney Her. He chose mostly first time actors for this movie that he wrote and directed. My thinking is so it would seem very true to life and one wouldn`t get distracted by big name faces.

We still have too much snow and cold here....

I decided to put some curtains up in the kitchen that I had previously made and cover the chair seats with this pretty fabric as well. Put my blur arm chairs in the hall. I love them but they don`t really match anything. I had been hoarding this beautiful green and ivory toile fabric for future use. But the sheers are to patterny for it.

I`ve bought on wide long ivory one to sew up into two.

The same window was too dark when I took the picture and the lighting isn`t so great in this one either, but it looks better...

Have a great rest of the weekend!