Friday, February 29, 2008

This is how it Really Looks.....

I used an old picture for that last post because my camera has run out of batteries and I haven`t replaced them yet. This is a picture from several weeks ago but just add another inch or so and you get the picture of what can cause the winter blahs. Pretty...but we have had no breaks in snow this winter and another ...though supposedly short....storm is on the way again this morning. Elvis hasn`t turned to drink Carolyn, although he would gladly eat or drink anything offered to him hehe.
Funny how when we`re young we learn that April showers bring May flowers and yet here in Canada that happens rarely. Strange long cold snowy winter this year with no breaks from it and I really hope we get more than a couple months of warm weather because I`m really looking forward to planting.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Off to the British show in Toronto next Saturday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring....where are you?

My posting has been really bad. I blame it on the winter blahs and work and being busy trying to get something knit by March and...well etc etc.
I`ll hopefully be back to better posting come spring. Spring.....I forget what it feels like to be warm outside LOL!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Plants and An Archive Meme

I`ve been getting Richters Seed and Plant catalogue for a few years and this year I decided to actually go for it and pre-order the small veg garden with some seeds and some plants and herbs. We love Basil and had a hard time finding much last year. Some juicy tomatoes etc.

I also discovered a lovely blog the other day called "Katherines Dream" . Carol is in the Cotswolds and well worth a visit, even if only in cyber space.
She`s gone and tagged me, and even though I`m finally admitting that I`m actually not inclined to like doing memes, this one looks easy and fun :) So here goes Carol....
The first thing I must do is find something in my blog about family....hmmmm... here we go.... "Pictures on my Fridge"

The second is about friends..."Daisy Lupin"

The third has to be about me...."I Believe"

The fourth is something I love, well that would be many things but I`ll choose home..."A Saturday Morning Walk"

And the last is anything I feel like :)...hmmmm....I think I`ll throw in one of these...Dear old Teddy. He`s going to be 21 this March and sits by the fire when he`s not wanting some of Elvis` sloppy dog food topping. The other day he actually jumped way up on one of the beams! I got him down and scolded him for being too old for that now. I wish I`d have thought to take a picture....Bless his his heart, here`s one of his true tales..."The Day Young Angus Damn Near Kicked the Bucket" by The Cat That Would Be Heard

I`m not going to tag anyone but give it a try!
Have to rush now and get ready for work....see ya