Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures On My Fridge

It may look like a cluttery mess, and will never been seen in a magazine, but my fridge door is full of memories that are important to me.

I pulled the postcard out to the side because it`s from Minehead in England. Last year we were able to make my dream come true and send my parents to England for their 50th Anniversary. My Mum hadn`t been back for 45 years and my Dad had never been. Miraculously,we got them down to Devon where my Mum lived as a teenager and up to Yorkshire where my Dad`s Dad and family were from. With much help and direction from my Dad`s second cousin and wife who they partly stayed with in Linconshire and visit here ever other year to the family reunion. A newspaper clipping above of them and below when they first met is a little picture.

My beautiful daughter is now 24 recently graduated from Unniversity and living and working in Toronto in a publishing house. She still comes home and we talk on the phone once a week and e-mail. Wish she wasn`t so far away though. But she`s always been a city girl and her career takes her there.

My handsome son, flown the nest now too, is 21 and lives near by. He`s in the constructon trade and working towards his millright. We talk on the phone and I get to see him more often. He also plays baseball for the home team here.

It`s so hard to believe they have grown up so quickly, but I`m so proud of them. Through the thicks and the thins of life, they are a blessing.

In winter on the dock with our beloved sweet Ben. He was always with them and we will never forget him.


Jeanne said...

My fridge looks the same I have a gazillion pictures on it and pictures all over the house.
Two of our children live in Asia and with a heavy heart missing them each day their pictures everywhere sure help.
Love you darling one!
Take lots and lots of pictures
and keep a multitude of beautiful memories!

Daisy Lupin said...

A fridge is a lovely place to keep your photos and postcards. I keep magnets on my fridge that my son and daughter bring me back off their travels. When they visit they love looking at them and remembering who brought what from where. xx

Naturegirl said...

Ah yes memory lane.. we all do that take a walk. I do in my secret garden.Recently I added to the memories when my grandchildren visited my secret space and whisperd to the fairies..shhh. How nice you had the opportunity to send mom and dad home for a visit! A forever memory!:)

Zoey said...

I have nothing on my fridge, but I can see how you would love yours. I can just imagine you walking by and being suddenly flooded with wonderful memories.

What a great 50th Annv. gift to your parents.

Shelley said...

Mine looks similar to that too. It's what helps make a house a home.

Hugs to Ms Tea!

Katherines Dream said...

What a lovely post.......your babies are gorgeous....well were and I am sure still are!
I think your fridge door looks great - you must look as these images everytime you open the door...
Carol xx