Monday, August 21, 2006

Bad Teddy...Quick...Get The Camera!

Hubby was just sitting at his computer a few minutes ago and saw something run into the room with Teddy right behind.........

Poor little baby. So sweet. We thought Teddy had retired!
At least the little bunny wasn`t harmed. I took him up... all the while squirming and hubby opened up the door and I walked a good distance through the yard and set him in under some bushes over by the pond. I think he`s old enough to look after himself..hopefully. Poor precious little thing.
Bad, Bad Teddy. But it would have been much worse if Angus had caught him or Isobell.
I hate when this happens! I loathe the fact that I had to leave him on his own.
This is what really sucks about cats!


Medieval Lady said...

Oh my, he's so cute. Hope he does ok. :-)

Old Man Rich said...

Its one of the many things that are bad about cats.
Cats are vermin.

mind you, rabbits in your garden can be pretty destructive. but at least they're good eating. Unlike cats. (although cat curry is ok)

Carol said...

Oh my is that ickle bunny cute! I know exactly what you mean about that being the bad side of having cats!

Mimi said...

So cute! Couldn't you keep him in a cage outside or inside?

Shelley said...

Ah...its THUMPER.. I love bunnies. They all look like Walt Disney drew them.

Lady Lux said... furry baby is soooo cute!!!

Lady Lux said... furry baby is soooo cute!!!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I tried keeping 2 babies in a cage once a few years ago. One died of fright I think. They were locked away in my room where the cats couldn`t get them, but it still didn`t work out. They could smell them. I let the other little guy go.