Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun Weekend

On our way to Oshawa hubby showed me a tree with a carved face on it in someones yard.

My sister-in-law looked absolutely radiant and beautiful.

Here`s the little boat we went on for the wedding.

A view from the boat at dinner. Not the prettiest view at that moment!

But before dinner....mmmmmmmmmm.....frozen Margaritas onboard for me! The boat ride wasn`t as scary as I`d feared. The water wasn`t that deep, being a man made lake, but the air was havoc on the hair!

The rain didn`t happen and it was a lovely wedding and a fun time.
On our way home Sunday, hubby took me to see the famous R.S. McLaughlin Estate in Oshawa, where he is from originally.

McLaughlin was the founder of General Motors in Canada. Quite a few movies have been filmed here. Chicago, X-Men and Billy Madison to name a few. The tv show Relic Hunter also.
We had a tour of the inside which was interesting.

This is a tall sundial in the yard. I liked what it had engraved on it on one side. "Let The Slight Shadow Teach Thee Wisdom"

This would have been much more striking view without that turquiose blue lining in the water I personally think... preferring a more natural look, myself.
I didn`t take any flower pictures because most of the perrenials were over and there were just the typical annuals left.
The white tent was for a wedding about to occur.
We had lunch in the family`s origianl "Tea House" somewhere in that area away from the mansion, while listening to a musician softley play the aucustic guitar. The food was delicious. We had forgotten the camera unfortuantely at first but retreived it afterwards for the other pictures.

The statuary was beautiful.........

A perfectly formed bum with more than one crack.


Janet said...

It looks as if you had a lovely day. That estate is beautiful! And I especially like the very last photo and your comment!!

And margaritas....yum

Shane Marie said...

Wow, all of it is gorgeous--from the roadside attractions to the wedding to the estate grounds and statuary. That sundial really caught my eye.

Looks like the boat excursion had some perks--the kind that have little paper umbrellas!

Carol said...

Wow so many photos, I love blogs with lots of photos! Your sister in law looks really beautiful in her white wedding dress! And you Margarita looks so tasty! That estate looks fantistic too and I wanna have a bum tender like that lol! From what you showed us I'd say your weekend was wonderful!

Christine said...

LOVED the photos!

PG said...

What a perfectly elegant day! I am in love with that house...and wanting a frozen margarita!

ACey said...

what a great photolog from your special weekend! Enjoyed it tremendously

Medieval Lady said...

Oh how beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

I grew up in Oshawa too. Parkwood is beautiful. I used to go to a day camp at a big old house that belonged to McLaughlin's wife before she donated it to the YWCA. There was a grassy courtyard we used to play in, with a big mulberry tree in the centre. We would hide under the tree and eat the berries, until the counsellors came and found us and made us go do archery or something.

Daisy Lupin said...

What a beautiful house and the garden look superb. The bride looks lovely that is a stunning dress with a sensational train. xx

Zoey said...

It sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend. I am glad you were OK on the boat ride.
Perhaps that drink with the umbrella helped to calm your nerves. :)