Friday, August 11, 2006


Isobel is the youngest of the three, being 7 years old now.
My husband got her as a kitten several months before we met each other.
She isn`t fussy on getting her picture taken, but whenever I`m putting on my makeup and doing my hair, she`s there watching everything I do. The boys aren`t interested, but she really is a girly girl it seems. And she takes no nonsense from Angus. When she first came to live here, she didn`t mind him until he sat on her. Now whenever he walks by....he only has to look at her...she will occasionaly for no reason, slap his face.

Our Isobel caught on camera by my hubby.........


"We are not amused."

"That was my private time. How dare you startle me like that!"


VintagePretty said...

My grandmother had a cat who would only wee in the kitchen sink - talk about toilet trained! hehe. She's a beautiful cat, I love her markings!

Jeanne said...

One of my cats used to love to sit in the sink as well.
How precious are all of God's fur angels
lent to us to spoil and to love.
Blessings to you precious lady!
Happy Friday.
Weekend, Weekend, Cha Cha Cha!

Rosa said...

What a gorgeous cat! Yes, I know when the camera comes out, it's off with them! And she matches your wallpaper! How cool is that!!

judypatooote said...

Your hubby captured some precious pictures.....I have a dog named MAX.