Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hard Work

Finally took the circle of bricks back up yesterday to put sand down to level everything. We have enough sand here so that works out good. After carting 5 or 6 wheel barrows full from the feild to the back I`d had enough for the day. Too hot and my back is killing me.
Hubby has a big house that needs to get done so I was on my own for this one, but he sure gives good massages.
It still needs more sand but that will have to wait for another day, or when he gets home today.

Busy weekends, these next two so it will be slow going.
We have my Mum`s side family reunion out here next Saturday and then the next Saturday is hubby`s sister`s wedding at Lake Scugog on a boat.
Should be really nice. The boat holds 55 people so it`s a small wedding. I don`t like boats but I`ll have to like them that day.

Today I went with my Dad to where he manages a garden centre and bought some iron trellis and an arbor to make the walls...well partially anyway. It`s going on half price and the owner gave me the sale early. A great savings. $228 including tax for one arbor and four trellis.
Also picked up a few more plants (decided to try another Star Gazer lilie) and lots of ivy to spread up and around the frames everywhere. They were also half price. Everything is going on half price. Incredible things there. Wish I could spend more.... but no, it`s time to stop for this year.
I`m not 100% sold on the black but it was on sale and if I really hate it I can always paint it. I love black but it may be a bit too formal for what I`m thinking. Maybe not. The plants will eventually cover a lot.

The circle will be smaller I`ve decided. It was too big. Too early and too tuckered to think about the design though. I think when things mature this will look nice with planters big and small scatted and stack or whatever and a nice little table and chairs. Bit by bit it will come together, though it`s going to take awhile. Must replace the white trellis with something matching. The gardens need raised a bit after the bricks are layed and edged properly and I have to run out right now and move those black pots before they kill the grass.


Kali said...

Busy! Busy!
I love the look of your garden, and have enjoyed the pictures. Thanks.

Daisy Lupin said...

This is going to be a beautiful garden. Yes you can always spray the black if you don't like it, but you are right in no time at all plants will hide it. xx

Jeanne said...

You have a lovely garden and many nice ideas.
Love Jeanne
Ontario Canada!