Thursday, August 31, 2006

Butterfly Bush

On Monday after work I thought I`d go and have a look out in the back (soon to be finished before the snow flies) garden. Actually my brother happend to mention on Sunday that they have a huge amount of bricks left over from their house that they have been wanting to get rid of for a couple of years! My sister-in-law thinks they are very similar if not the same as the aged looking ones. We`re going to go and have a look this weekend and hopefully take them off their hands. What luck! Back to the butterfly`s finally bloomed some more. Not bad for having just planted it a month ago....well it was already quite big.

There were even some butterflies, so my sweet hubby took some pictures for me because they were up a little too high to reach with the camera myself.....if you happened to read my first "TOE TALES" you`ll remember my saying about the long legs....well I still haven`t aquired them. We`re new at this, so it`s really something to watch the butterflies land in our very own little back garden. Next year will be fun to see what happens. We started this fairly late in the season. Tea discovered garden blogs after hearing about these strange things called blogs and then looked at her garden and saw how empty it looked. And then became obsessed with reading all the lovely blogs, and then..........well so the story goes......

Rock Star Supernova note: Ryan hoo! Wasn`t fussy on him doing the Who though. Never thought he`d leave yet. But realistically, he will be an amazing solo performer and will become famous.
Toby, Toby, he`s the man or Magni, Magni, he`s the man. Hmmmmmmm. Sorm`s great but not quite right. Still hope this band has some better music arrangements up and coming. I liked Guns n Roses but.... Truthfully in my own humble opinion, all of them need to find a band that suits them rather than the other way around. They are brilliant. But then this show wouldn`t be near as interesting. Lukas did really great but he looks odd with them. Dilana and Lukas were in the bottom three surprisingly. I guess the Dilana drama has hurt her. The voters haven`t forgiven her yet.


Jeanne said...

I too have a butterfly bush and upon it glorious butterflies have been visiting.
Oh nature is divine.
I am glad you are a friend of mine.
Love and blessings

Lee-ann said...

what a lovely summer garden you have and I am sure the butterflies are loving it there very much.

We also have one of these plants and it looks a little sad for just coming out of winter never mind will not be long and it will show its real beauty.

good luck with the bricks hope they are what you need.

have a wonderful was lovely! :o)

Janet said...

Your garden photos are always so pretty. The butterflies seem to love their bush!

Daisy Lupin said...

Beautiful butterflies on your bush. You will have to get a butterfly book for next summer so you can identify the host of butterflies that will be visiting your bush. Lavender is also good fro attracting butterflies and phlox.

Rowan said...

I've got three butterfly bushes, one the colour of yours, a white one and a lovely deep purple one. They were covered in butterflies this year and one of the kinds that came was a red admiral like the one on your top two photos. The other butterfly is beautiful but I don't know what it is. Hope the bricks turn out to be what you need.

One Crabapple said...

wow ! on the butterflies and the beautiful purple flowers ! wow wow wow.

Nice shots !

Zoey said...

Your butterfly bush is quite large for having just been planted. You have the same butterflies that I have on mine. The brownish-orange with the black spots is a fritillary. They seem to love the bbush. You will get a lot of enjoyment from that plant.

Carol said...

I love the butterfly shots, so beautiful!