Friday, August 11, 2006

Need Advice For This Mess

Note: Thanks so much for all the advice and tips...keep them coming. I`d already before reading any, gone ahead and cut a lot of the shrubs back to get them to grow in a different direction. I do like them there. The door is a great idea. There is a screen door in front at the moment but we could always remove that totally and have a nice wood door with no window or just a tiny one, painted rather than another screen door. And the wreath would look much better on a proper door rather than the screen one which is what I`ve been hanging one on at Christmas. I would prefer an old door instead of the new ones, so I think that will be one of next years projects.
The window.....I don`t know. It`s very plain.
We have a busy weekend this one and next so just thought I`d post a couple of pictures and if anyone has any ideas on how to make the front of our house look better, it would be greatly appreciated. Most likely for next spring projects.

I`m embarrassed to show these but I`d love some advice. As you can see there is an atrocious looking cat door in the window. It`s neccessary at the moment because old Teddy would have a hard time missing it. He used to tear the screens to smithereens when he wanted in or out. If he`s ever said anything at all, it`s always been a tiny weak whisper of a muek rather than a proper meow so can`t ask to go out. So that was a cheap quick solution.
I`m wracking my brains about how to camoflage it. The window is ugly to begin with. The garden is so small still, but time will fix that.

Years ago I planted high bush cranberry on either side of the door because although there are trees everywhere here, there is nothing actually near the front of the house and it looked barren and plastic. But the shrubs have turned into trees that grow sky high and I have to trim them every year. This year I finally gave them a drastically huge trim. But they still look pathetic. I guess I could try shaping them like an arch. Before, the leaves covered the cat door but now it`s sticking out like a sore thumb. The stump and wooden hydro thingy are only there as a jump point for the cats. The things I do for animals!

There`s so many nice people in blog land that have lovely looks and maybe also have some lovely tips and advice if reading this. Like door types, window ideas....anything.


Gary said...

I don't have any ideas, but I have to say that's a lovely little garden.

Shelley said...

I like your door. The only thing that you might do is paint it a different color and add a vine wreath. But I really think it looks very inviting.

You're doing some wonderful work on your yard! Wow. Aren't gardens wonderful?

Cresentia said...

My only suggestion is to go ahead and completely remove the overgrown shrubs on each side of the door, and plant something that will stay a bit lower and be less overwhelming on the door. Maybe move the shrubs a little further out so you can underplant with a ground cover or some low annuals in the spring. Perhaps use some boxwood or a dwarf shrub of some kind. It's hard to cut out an entire plant, but it can make a big difference.

Good luck!

Peggy said...

Oh please don't cut the shrubs by the door down! They make it so cottage cozy. You can trim them and train them to grow over an archway. I agree with painting the door and adding a wreath. Plant some mums or fall flowers in your beds for color. The cat door really didn't stand out till you mentioned it. I was busy looking at the garden decor.. love the stepping stumps for the cats! You have a great gardening thing going!

Jeanne said...

Blessings and be sure to take pictures of the changes.

A beautiful ornament on the door or wreath always dresses up and beautiful pots with flowerS.
Have a great weekend
Love Jeanne

ACey said...

I, too, love the shrubs and feel they would so easiy be trained to arch and entertwine. I love the the other little garden you pictured. Could you balance the cats' stepping stumps with a column on the other side that was a decorative container base? If a pot would be too overwhelming, you could place a little ornament on top of it. I think that kind of balance would really draw the eye away from the cat door. As others have implied, I don't think it's nearly as glaring as it feels to you.

judypatooote said...

Hi, I popped over from Gary's blog. I only had to see those three words, " tea, margaritas, and garden" and you had me.....I agree with Peggy, no, no don't cut down the bushes on each side of your door....for it does make it look like a little cottage....I agree with Peggy again, paint your door an other color and hang a would be perfect... I just love English Cottages.....and if you don't mind I'm going to tack your name to my favorites list.......judy