Thursday, August 17, 2006

Friends in Need

Yesterday at work we found out that a co worker has been put on life support and is in critical condition.
Her brother and daughter both work there and her daughter is my own daughter`s age.
This family is beside themselves in worry.
She has some unidentified blood infection and pneumonia and they aren`t sure if she will survive.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated for her and her family................


Lee-ann said...

This is always so very hard when it is not known why!

I pray for this family and for the doctors that they may find answers to their questions as to what it is.

by the grace of God May she make a full recovery.


miss*R said...

let us ask the angels to surround them all with their wings - protecting them & comforting them. And let us go all out and ask for a complete recovery - miracles do happen, every day. Keeping them all in my prayers, thoughts & my heart xoxo

Janet said...

So sorry to hear about this woman and her family. I'll be sending positive thoughts their way.

Medieval Lady said...

No I don't mind you linking my blog. I linked yours to mine.
Your garden is lovely. I'm still working on mine but this year I'm so far behind (or so it feels like it.) LOL
I love your four footed kids. They're so cute. :)
What kind of tea do you like? One of my favorite's English Breakfast.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day.

Medieval Lady said...

Ok for some reason this part got cut off.
I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker. Many good thoughts going that way.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Patty :)

I like that one too and also Typhoo tea, but it`s darn expensive!

Christine said...

Prayers ascending~

Kali said...

Praying for your friend and family & ((hugs)) to you.