Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Blues

"Monday Blues" seems a well known phrase. What is it with Mondays?
Usually I seem to get through Mondays pretty well. I`m healthy, happy and feel very blessed and have no business feeling otherwise.... but then there`s THOSE Mondays.
Like this one. My morning mind thoughts were fine first thing this morning then slowly bad Monday crept in. It consisted of thinking about the devastation of losing loved ones, worrying about my kids staying safe and happy and healthy, worrying about my husband staying healthy, worrying about me staying healthy, worrying about my parents staying healthy, worrying about my daughter and my sister finding nice grounded honest guys, like my Dad and my hubby , worrying about what the unknown future holds, worrying about bills, worrying about work (due to the fact that it tends to be hard on the old body these days) and basically worrying about everything.
Why all this on a Monday? Isn`t Monday bad enough for the fact that the weekend`s over and it`s back to the daily grind?
I`ve read and heard everywhere about "Monday Blues", but I`ve never actually ever witnessed anyone with them personally. Or perhaps they just keep it to themselves. I try to, although hubby tends to notice.
Is it just a ficticious thing that I`ve decided to have a go at. See how it suits....see if it`s fun?
I think I`m going to have to re-name that day.
Now if I could just think of a good one.........

**painting by Georges de Feure (Dutch Art Nouveau Painter, 1868-1928)


wryter said...


I see you like English shows and gardens, Have you seen the hit English mystery/drama-comedy show, "Rosemary And Tyme?"

It airs on TVO in Ontario. First two series (seasons) are airing. The gardens used in the show are beautiful and real. Most of the show is filmed on location in England.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Wryter :)

Thanks for visiting! Oh yes.....I love that show. It`s on tonight and I`m hoping that it isn`t any I`ve seen so far. Even then, I usually still watch it.


Shelley said...

Hi Tea. I hope you feel a bit more cheerier now. I'm a worrier..but I have found that the largest part that I worry about never happens...and I've wasted that time not having a good day. Hold on to all that you love and try to let go of the rest. You have the right idea by keeping busy in that beautiful world you are creating at your home. Just enjoy it my friend.

wryter said...

Hi again

Show tidbits:
Brian created this show with Pam and Felicity in mind. The two actors loved the concept. The gardens are altered a little to allow for camera angles. When possible, both actors appear in the same frame. Pam and Felicity molded their characters.


miss*R said...

Hi ms*T - Monday blues? I call them menopausal moments - must be something in the air lately cause I am feeling them too. much love, blessings & bliss - R xo

Old Man Rich said...

Ahh, but without the grim depression of miserable mondays could you properly appreciate the mild high of midweek wednesday or the euphoria of fantastic friday.

However bad monday is, fridays a coming. woohooo.

One Crabapple said...

MArvelous Monday ?

MArgarita MOnday !

Mellowwww Monday.

But no more Bad Monday...

Meaningful Monday - More MOnday !-

Mango Monday ! Money Monday!

Moo Monday (okay I am just reaching with that one....)

Maury's Monday (see: Tuesday's With Maury / Morrie)

Move It Monday - ?

Make Over Monday...

MY Monday !

Had enough ???

xxo - S.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I like the Move it Monday LOL!