Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogger Is Being a Pain in the Butt

I`ve fixed hopefully the quirk that was making my blog jump, thanks to Daisy of "cats in the kitchen, flora in the garden" letting me know...I never noticed that. I liked you description of Blogger!

Thanks to Janet of "Just bee-cause....and just for fun!!" for the tip on why the problem might be. I had too many ****** in one blog. I use the ********`s to try to get the first word of a sentence from hanging all by itself along a picture.

Now I`m seeming to have to re-fresh my favorite blogs sometimes to get them to update. One I actually have to go to the profile and then back to the blog that way.
What a bother.


Janet said...

I'm glad it worked!! Everything is back as it should be. I love the photo of the butts!! That is just perfect.

And a big thank you for adding me to your list of blogs. I love reading yours.

Rosa said...

Oh good. I had missed all your troubles. I notice all my print is in italics now. You just never know with blogger, do you!

miss*R said...

blogger is a pain in the butt this past week. I am having so much trouble uploading photos.

PG said...

Blogger is simply perverse sometimes...however, count blessings, our blogs have found each other, and I am in love with yuor big ginger cat...

Zoey said...

I, too, am having problems with Blogger this week. I guess if we can't complain too much, since it's free. :)

Love your big delphinium.