Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Tatum is 8 weeks old now and so adorable.

Sandy comes to visit the animals occasionally and is fascinated with old Ted...

Baby, it`s cold outside!

Elvis waits patiently for the gifts to go under the tree. Especially his.

Just a quick post to say I wish all a very Merry Christmas and the best New Year yet!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Still Here........somewhere.....

Just stopping in for a minute and I see that by letting my "who visited my blog" thingy lapse, that it has now vanished forever. Sad. It was fun seeing all the different countries. Oh well. I sort of was thinking that it would at least hang in there along the side of the page and just not add any more LOL

I`m still trying to visit blogs. It`s on my "to do" long "to do" list. With slow dial up connection it makes for a very slow go of loading the pages. But I will get there!
This Saturday was my last over-time for a bit and the next weekends are fairly free except for my hub`s huge family Christmas get together next Saturday. They hold it every year in the church basement in Courtis, a little place near Oshawa. Hopefully our journey there won`t be too snowy!
I won`t bore anyone with snow pictures, but it was a darn cold day,today and it sounds like it will be for awhile.
We finished up the Christmas shopping though :)

Well, I`m off to see if Extreme Makeover House Edition is on. It always makes me cry. Then Desperate Housewives . I know..hehe...but it`s entertaining. Haven`t sat in front of the tv in long while except to catch Coronation Street that is. Can`t miss that one. But tonight I`m going to be a veg head.
Oh yes....decluttering led to plopping a basket down for a few minutes before hiding it away and Angus thought he`d try it out.
And though the world`s in a right muddle at the moment, including our ridiculous government....all the best to everyone.