Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Horse is a Horse Of Course, of Cource......

Unless it`s a donkey, that is.....

When we went off to hubs` family reunion and took a walk down to the barn, it was becoming really overcast and a storm was blowing in. The horses and donkey seemed only interested in going inside the barn. Baby was the only one who didn`t seem concerned.
Angus, about to swat the camera lens....

Take a peek, if you get a chance, at
Isn`t It Just Darling
. It`s a brand new blog that`s young and hip, intelligent and interesting. She`s only just started it, but I love it already. Oh....and it`s by my daughter :) My blog isn`t linked to it because I told her that I`d like to continue remaining incognito lol

Sunday, September 06, 2009

'Tis Summer Finally, For a Few Days at Least....

I`m reading a book called "One Fifth Avenue" by Candace Bushnell. It`s light and funny and look at how descriptive she is......

"In a tiny room at the edge of the apartment, her husband, James, with his sweet balding head and messy blonde comb-over, was pecking away mercilessly at his computer, working on his book, distracted, and believing, as always, that he was on the edge of failure.
Of all his feelings,this edge of failure feeling was the most prominent. It dwarfed all other feelings, crowding them out and pushing them to the edge of his consciousness, where they squatted like old packages in the corner of a room. Perhaps there were good things in those packages, useful things, but James hadn`t the time to unwrap them."

Hubby captured this butterfly on the butterfly bush which finally only just began to bloom two weeks ago.

This Poplar tree was struck by lightening a few weeks ago in one of our many electrical summer storms. The bark was blasted off, and luckily no damage anywhere else except our 2 modems on the computers. This tree though makes a horrible mess in Spring. Leaves a thick layer of white fluf all over in it floats through the air as thick as snow. Not fun cleaning up what`s brought inside. So good riddens to it finally coming down and for an excellent price too.

All gone and I really don`t notice it missing.

The rare and hard to find "Arial Man" came and fixed my parents antenna for them. This side of the pond has decided to make it very hard for people living in the country to be able to watch tv without paying astronomical satellite fees.
Our arial totally conked out for good and we had to cave and get the basic satellite.

And here`s my little sugar man :) He`s over at Granny and Grampa`s for Shepards Pie with Mummy and Daddy.

And I saved sweety-pie Elvis for last....`scuse the weeds.....

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. It`s Labor Day long weekend here and I`m savoring every sunny hot moment! We have had a crap summer again here.