Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Think Summer Came Instead of Spring

It`s an amazing day outside. Hot and sunny. But isn`t spring supposed to be here for awhile before summer? Nipped out and did a bit of cleaning up in the garden.
Elvis wasn`t quite sure he wanted to spend anymore time outside in the heat.

There`s a few spring flowers up. I didn`t really plant enough I guess.

Out he came after all....

Angus was stuck up here with this floor vase while I washed and shone up the floors the other day. What a mess that dried stuff makes when moved. Soon be able to replace it with something fresh..

Get off there Elvis, I need to strip the bed. Time to get out the vintage linen sheets , wash everything fresh and hang it all on the line while the sun is still shining. As you can see, I`ve done absolutely nothing towards my new bed and bedding plans yet. The fabric sits waiting in the spare room. No wood bought yet for the headboard and foot. But I do have a great book on how to make all the fancy trim from salt dough! A Fall project now most likely.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Is Definately Here....

This guy looks fake but he`s a real Crane. If you click on the pic, you can see him better. Our old dog Ben used to chase them away but Elvis isn`t interested in the fact that they love fish. There`s koi and goldfish in the pond. The koi are at least a foot long so hopefully he hasn`t been grabbing any of them.
I took this pic through the window screen and just as I snapped it he flew away. The camera was too slow to get that one unfortunately. There`s still small traces of snow but it`s almost all gone finally!
Hope everyone`s had a nice weekend.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Think Spring Really IS Coming.....

Elvis would like to aplologize for his mistress`s long absences but agrees with her that being winter-stuck inside really doesn`t make for anything interesting to blog about with only pics of snoozing animals.

She`s been busy reading other blogs and cooking....

Slow Cooker BBQ Meatballs

Hot Cross Buns with Fudge Icing

and working and visiting etc etc. And she asks that you don`t mind all the pictures crammed here in one post :)
This was last week in the back garden with Saint Francis...

And by golly, this is today!

Spring bulbs are coming up!

Last week was still so gloomy that a nice pot of lovely smelling Hyacinths were purchased and placed here.....

Then moved here....

They didn`t like the kitchen very well, so were again moved to here in the sun where they continue to fade away....

But the herbs that were brought in for winter are bursting with life. The chocolate mint is growing like mad!

Hope everyone has a lovely sunny weekend!