Sunday, November 01, 2009

Costume Party

Tatum came over to show us his Monkey Costume on his very first Halloween. He was so cute. I can hardly believe he turned one last weekend! Had a nice family party here for him.

It`s been 9 years since we last dressed up for Halloween and it was fun.
Here`s Hubs.
He had to glue this on and it moved naturally when he talked. We went as an odd sort of couple. He, perhaps a wizard from another dimension I like to think, but the horns speak differently LOL. Long jacket, white shirt and long bow tie, wig, cane. He just needed to purchase a hat. I had mentioned a wider brim one but I had mistakenly called it a fedora at the beginning, and that`s all he could remember when at the store. So a fedora it was LOL.

.....and me, a 1920`s fortune teller. I loved dressing up and found everything I needed here at home. Despite it being only a Halloween costume, I loved the elegant bohemian feeling it gave off. What fun to be able to dress in fancy clothes. From the black boa which hangs in my bathroom to a 20`s style dress that a friend had given me years ago. I hemmed it just a bit above the ankles and the chiffon overskirt hung lower than the underneath part. Stockings made above the elbow fingerless gloves, my Mum`s long Victorian necklaces, a short black faux fur jacket for outdoors and lots of scarves. What fun it was to get so dressed up! I even painted my finger nails in the way they did in the 20`s. The tips and half moons were left unpainted. You might see them better clicking on the pic. Odd looking and it took a bit to get used to them. I kind of miss them now funnily enough, now that I`ve taken the paint off. The other side of the scarf stands out in a bow which is hidden in this pic. Fun doing the eye makeup they did then too. So dusky and dark and long eyebrows and pouty lips.
I could dress in that fashion every other day if I could get away with it LOL