Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's REALLY in Your Pet's Food!!

Still Around Somewhere......

Thanks for all the sweet thoughts everyone.
Just popped by to throw up some pictures. I`ve been lazy and busy and not much into blogging as usual. Below is my sweetie-pie Tatum and his adorable half sister JJ.

Tat likes to visit the red hens when he comes to our place...

Well there used to be some cat nip in the pot but even though it`s dead, Angus still goofs....

Couldn`t forget sweet Elvis :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest in Peace Precious Sweet Teddy.......

In Loving Memory
Teddy aka "The Cat That Would Be Heard"
March 1987-April 14 2010

I had to finally put Teddy to rest last Friday. Had the vet come to the house. It was was heartbreaking. You lived a long good life Teds and shared so very many memories with me in this house for 23 years. You were the last to share them.
It`s empty feeling now in the front room without old Teds laying on his pillow by the fire.

I know I don`t bother much with this blog anymore and I`m sorry for that because I`ve lost touch with so many wonderful bloggers. I just haven`t had the inspiration over the past few years and nothing really to write about anymore.
Life is strange and rather puzzling at times filled with many questions and no answers. Questions I`m afraid to ask for fear of the answers I guess. Oh well such is life. Onward and upward...stiff upper lip as Theodore might say LOL Teddy on the other hand would have given me a cuddle and purr :)

Anyway, it`s a beautiful and glorious summer day here on this May 24th long weekend and I don`t have to work until tomorrow. It`s Queen Victoria`s Day or rather called Victoria Day here in Canada. Loads of fireworks go off this night.
We did go to the horse races last night and that was fun. And I loved Alice in Wonderland by the way.
A wonderful movie to see is called " Letters To Juliet " and Vanessa Regrave is perfect in it. It takes place in Tuscany and is one of those movies that makes you just sigh for the touching love and beauty in it. Highly recommended!

Have a wonderful weekend if there is still anyone out there that might happen by here.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Teds is 23 and I`m Late, I`m Late, For a Very Important Date...with Johnny Depp, that is....

Here`s lazy, but busy me adding some blogging in a cheating sort of way. Alice in Wonderland.
The movie I will be seeing for certain. It looks amazing and even if Johnny Depp is in disguise, who cares! LOL
There`s an interesting link from where this picture came from
And better yet over at my daughter`s blog are quite a few amazing pictures from the new movie!! The art and animation and colours....oh my! And how it`s all been mixed in with actual actors. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are just too much, all of them really LOL! Here`s a sneak peak to tease..

Check them all out here

And here`s Elvis enjoying a nice soup bone his Nana gave him

"Okay, I will pose if you insist" thinks Elvis

And here`s the sweet old birthday boy today as well. We can`t quite remember which spring month it was he was born so we go by my daughter`s birthday. Which means on the 11th of this month Teddy is 23!

His hips bother him and he walks slower sadly and though he`s up and around and eats well, he mostly lays by the fire on the huge dog bed that I`d made for Elvis. Had to put a bit of rolled up fabric by the fireplace edge also because on the really cold days he wanted closer. Poor old thing. He wants to go outside due to the sun having arrived again, but the snow puts him off yet. Didn`t like the flash of the camera either.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I`m mostly just taking it easy and recovering from a back injury. But that`s another story.
May the sun keep shining :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elvis for Judy :)

I am a bad blogger and I don`t want t totally give this up so I`ll say I`m on hiatus instead :)

Judy at
wants to see Elvis, so here ya go Judy! xox