Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle, Hubby Makes a Headboard and Melts the House

It`s been forever since I`ve bothered to post anything here, so I`m slamming up lots of pictures if there`s anyone that hasn`t given up peeking at this blog. We really haven`t had much of a summer. Rain or overcast skies for almost every day.This weekend seems to be our summer so far. Some flowers have bloomed and others are still trying to. Lots of green! The bugle vine ....bugle? I meant trumpet. Knew it was some sort of musical instrument has just started and the butterfly bush has no blooms yet. I`ve notices small patches of scarlet or yellow in some trees already along some roads :( No!!! It`s too early!!!

We`ve had 3 very small tomatoes to eat so far. I`m still hoping the others will ripen a bit. Carrots. lettuce and onions still aren`t ready. My garden is a little wetter than some, so it`s really behind and wants more bright sunshiny days...

Teddy...22 now, still enjoying a sit in the pot of catnip yesterday.

Izzy poses up on the roof

"Enough now" she says

Angus loves posing for the camera...

Sweet Elvis....

Nap time....

We decided to make some home made burgers and cook them for my Mum and Dad.
Not being on our BBQ, hubby er um forgot to pull it out away from the house. By the time he did remember it was a bit too late. He called me out and showed me and said "they are going to kill me! I gazed at it as horrified as he. All was well though, of course they knew it was an accident and my Mum said she has never really thought what the reason was to pull it out, and now she knows.My Mr. fix it has another thing to fix now...

The bedroom is finally finished. I wallpapered and then painted the ugly old dressers blackish and the bedside table gold leaf. Made two bedside throw rugs from some shaggy fabric that`s washable. With pets and this colour, everything MUST be washable LOL..

Never mind my dead hydrangeas....

And ta da! The headboard my husband made! I love it. It`s a budget headboard. The wood and stain cost about $100.

He didn`t have any tools for fancies so we searched and found some poly-whatsit ornaments and I stained them the same colour as the bed.

Think I`ll make a little off white skirt to hide the messies inside.

Bought an antique chandelier in Toronto when I went to stay over at my daughters for a fun weekend shopping trip and ordered an off white sheepskin rug from out west for the end of the bed.

My Mum found me some Euro pillow forms and I made covers for them with some fabric I had and added the tassels. Made the throw pillows except for the cream and gold one and bought a cheap cotton quilt and shams...washable of course!
Painted the picture frames black and painted some black on some prints I had.

I made a slip cover for this chair with some fabric I had sitting around. Slightly on the shiny side for my taste but will do for now.

Finally actually took the time to make the bed covers into slipcovers. Much easier to take off now and wash :)

And last but most important, my little sausage Tatum holstering my cell phone with my niece at the family reunion. He`s such a happy little man! The way the pictures taken looks like his head is bigger than his body LOL

So that`s what I`ve been up to. Changed the bathroom a bit but kept the wallpaper. I`ll save that for another day and try to get back here much sooner than this!!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. It`s a lovely sunny day here and no matter how hot it gets,it`s supposed to get really hot, I`m not complaining because we`ve had so few of them.