Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Arrives!

Friday morning at 4:47 my grand baby arrived! He was 9 pounds 5 ounces and mummy had to have an emergency C-Section after 12 hours of labor. The same thing that happened to me with his daddy, except he was 9 pounds 10 ounces and had three chins instead of two hehe.
Everyone is healthy and he is soooooooooooooo beautiful. We`ve been up to see him twice and back again tonight. They come out of the hospital tomorrow. They called him Tatum and he is so chubby and adorable! What a precious little soul he is.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Waaaaay Too Early Glimpse of Things to Come......

It`s been awhile since I`ve blogged but I`m still trying to fight a bad case of the flu.
This morning as I walked down the hall, I gasped because this is what I saw outside...

Luckily the sun has since come out and is getting rid of this thick layer of frost.
I can`t believe it showed it`s frozen face so early. Surely we won`t be short-changed our autumn as well as our summer.
Baby boy hasn`t arrived yet. He was due on Friday. I went over to my son`s new place and he offered up some wonderful fruit bounty from the trees in the little backyard.
An Italian couple own the house and it`s evident in the wonderful; use they`ve made of the back garden. Quaint old apple and pear trees and in another fenced off section is a vegetable garden and compost area beside an arbor for grape vines.
My Grandbaby should arrive any minute of the next couple of days I should think :)

I made a cushion for Teddy to sit on by the fire and he loves it.

He still manages...believe it or occasionally jump up onto a beam!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)