Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Waaaaay Too Early Glimpse of Things to Come......

It`s been awhile since I`ve blogged but I`m still trying to fight a bad case of the flu.
This morning as I walked down the hall, I gasped because this is what I saw outside...

Luckily the sun has since come out and is getting rid of this thick layer of frost.
I can`t believe it showed it`s frozen face so early. Surely we won`t be short-changed our autumn as well as our summer.
Baby boy hasn`t arrived yet. He was due on Friday. I went over to my son`s new place and he offered up some wonderful fruit bounty from the trees in the little backyard.
An Italian couple own the house and it`s evident in the wonderful; use they`ve made of the back garden. Quaint old apple and pear trees and in another fenced off section is a vegetable garden and compost area beside an arbor for grape vines.
My Grandbaby should arrive any minute of the next couple of days I should think :)

I made a cushion for Teddy to sit on by the fire and he loves it.

He still manages...believe it or occasionally jump up onto a beam!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)


Kahshe Cottager said...

Oh Tea ... it is so hard waiting for the stork isn't it? Babies have a way of coming on their own time though, don't they. I am sure you will be posting the good news almost as soon as it happens though and I will be waiting to hear and send congratulations!

The frost was something else here today as well. There was even a little skin of ice on the bucket of water that was left outside overnight!

Stay warm with Teddy and enjoy your weekend!

James Higham said...

Wow. Already?

Carol said...

I hope that baby hurries up and delivers safe and sound. The waiting seems to go on and on.
You cat looks so snig by the fire and that is just where I want ot be now.
Well Tea, to put you in the picture of what has been happening.
I still live in London and have sold the cotswold cottage...boohoo.
So life is less complicated now...a good thing.
You have a fab weekend too.

Rowan said...

Didn't realise that you have a grandbaby on the way, how exciting for you. Hope all goes well with the delivery. Teddy looks so cozy on his cushion, bet he really appreciates it. Have you had any notes saying 'dogs like cushions too!'?
It's early for a heavy frost like that even in Canada isn't it? None here so far thank goodness, in fact it's quite mild still. Probably famous last words there:)

Palm Springs Savant said...

flu already in the season? yikes hope you atr feeling better

Sheila said...

I hope you are feeling better Tea.
The frost looks pretty but it was early. Don't you love the odd places cats find to sit..!

John said...

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