Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Great Rock Star Show

Last night`s Rock Star was really good again.

On Monday`s I noticed that when the band took everyone to Vegas that Delana seemed to be showing a harder, tougher side to her, taking Tommy Lee aside and telling him that all these a**holes can go home now and he doesn’t have to say a word.
She continues bragging that she can sing, draw a crowd, AND hang with the boys. I believe her.
She tells us watching that they might as well bump everyone and get this thing over next week, so they can get on with the band and get going. Tommy grabs her face and squeezes it.
We don`t see what he says back though.
I suppose she has to be tough because no one could survive being in that band with those guys without it, but she sort of fell in my eyes with that bit, although I still think she could very well win because she IS fantastically talented and last night she showed it again. She is a natural showman.

Magni and Ryan were my favorites for the night aside from Delana. But I sort of hope that Magni doesn`t win only for the fact that he has a nice little family and joining with these guys would destroy that relationship eventually, sadly.
And Ryan has such a dramatic look and face and voice...perfect, but I`m wondering if he can fit their bill fully.
Poor Star...."I Will Survive" wasn`t a good song for her.
Thinking that the guys and Delana will be the ones left to sing it out.

All in all though, another great show and they keep getting better and I think we`ll start to see a whole lot of tension amongst them as time goes by.


Daisy Lupin said...

Wow is blogger playing games with you this month? Cursor down to the bottom of the page and postings touching the extreme left edge. It got antsy with me the other month. It gets its kicks messing around with our blogs. Blogger to me has distinct mean character, I see Blogger as a swaggering man with his jeans to low on his backside and a bellying hanging over them. He thinks he can intimidate us, but the worse he can do is mess up our blogs. Boo to you Mr Blogger. [Sorry got a bit carried away rambling there] xx

judypatooote said...

Your right she (Dilana) is a bit confident, but she is what they need......all those paisley looking bodies.....never experiencing the rock scene, I can imagine that they are a bit hard...isn't that why they call it hard rock....hehe

Janet said...

I'm with Daisy Lupin on all the blogger problems but I think I know what will fix your current problem of having everything fall to the bottom. Go back and edit the Aug 11th post and take out some of the ****. They are too wide and cause the template to get out of whack.

I love your blog and have been reading (lurking) for awhile and until recently was unable to comment. Someone told me a trick to get the comments to work.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Never noticed that! Thanks for letting me know Daisy and for the tip Janet.
Hopefully it`s fixed.
Off to check out your blog :)

Kali said...

Hi tea!
Your review is exactly how I see it and would have written it myself!! Wow, we are thinking along the exact same lines...even down to secretly hoping about Magni, because of his lovely young family!
shhh, don't tell anyone...but i think i've developed a secret, teeny weeny crush on Ryan...especially when he is performing songs like last night and 2 weeks before!

Daisy's image of 'blogger' is spot on, so appropriate!