Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rock Star Supernova is Getting Tougher

Dilana from South Africa, may have been self destructing as Ryan described on Monday night. After bashing the others publicly and then in a fit of tears and rage, smashing a glass and Magni getting hit with a piece in the head. Shocking from someone who started out so down to earth. I`m not sure how this will damage her chances.
The wild thing is that we were able to forget all that in last nights performance of "Mother Mother" by Jill Gioia. She looked so amazing and sang so amazing. No recent pictures of last night yet anywhere to see. She is the ultimate female rock star, even if she may be fighting some inner demons lurking below the surface. I think that that may be par for the course with many a famous musician, most likely all of us for that matter at one time or another. But to be fair... the pressure of all this would be unbelievable.

And then there`s Lukas. He also was amazing singing Nirvana`s "Lithium", the song Dilana did at the very beginning of all this. I think the fans (who chose all their songs this time) wanted to see if he could top her. I wouldn`t say he topped her but he was equally good, changing it just a bit. It would be cool if a Canadian were chosen. We`ve got some great talent that comes out of here.

And then Ryan. This New York boy was amazing again, singing “Clocks” by Coldplay. Wow....I think I said that about his last performance lol. He has so much depth when he sings and put so much heart and soul into it all. Jumped up performance!

Magni, the Ice Man from Iceland.............fantastic. He suits the alternative sound so very well. I like Magni. He did great doing "I Alone" by Live. Superb performance.

And Toby.....another wower, who`s from Australia, this time singing Billy Idol`s "Rebel Yell". He really suits new wave and alternative music to a tee.

And Storm from Massachusetts USA, doing "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. She did it well. It`s a great song too. I have a feeling though, that she may be the next to go in tonight`s elimination. But there may be another one go too because there`s only two weeks left of this I think!
She`ll do okay on her own though. She`s got amazing talent.
All in all it`s getting really hard to chose anymore. The best of the best are left. This is getting tough even to watch. They are all so good!


Charley said...

Totally Agreed! Gonna watch it on Star World Tonite:)

Jeanne said...

Have a happy day today my friend!
Much love!

judypatooote said...

Wow you have some great pictures... did you get them off the rockstarmsn websight.....that sight is awesome.....yah Dilana sure did freak out.....they all were really good last night....and I have 20 minutes until I find out who gets kicked off.......