Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Superbly Funny Post at "A Beautiful Revolution"

I`m not into work until this afternoon, so of course I`m reading blogs rather than making the bed and sweeping the floor and getting dressed and....but never mind......
Look what I found here.......
Scroll down to the post titled "Equally Epic" It`s priceless! I`ve never witnessed anyone so freely and humorously admit to this comical truth. Read his profile.


One Crabapple said...

Hello Tea !

I was here looking around this morning and how did I get so far behind !???

I have so many blog entries to catch up on. Yay - lots of stuff on my break here at work.

Must go to Beautiful REvolution also.

xxo - S.

Zoey said...

Thanks for sharing that, Tea. I think everyone can relate.


I forgot to read the profile. I am going back now to see what I missed there.

Shelley said...

Hi Tea. Wishing you a great day.