Saturday, August 26, 2006

Margaritas, Tea and Highlights

I love tea far too much to drink out of these tiny delicate cups. It tastes the best in them, but they`re far too small. Even with the tea pot by my side......too much tipping.
But it took a better picture than my mug , and it did taste good while it lasted.
My friend wasn`t able to come out afterall. She`s taken ill with some kind of weird headache she gets from time to time. She says that she sees stars and parts of people go missing from her view and was afraid to drive out here from town that way. Dissapointing but totally understandable! Hope it goes away soon. Scary!!
But my sister came out and we had a nice visit and of course some Margaritas.
She`s my other best friend. Well female one. My husband is also my bestfriend, and (just in case he reads this...which he probably will), he`s my hero and my knight in shining armour.... .........but it is true..........all the way. You may think that`s silly and sappy but that`s how it is. I`m very lucky and very blessed.
After sis left, I made myself this nice cup of tea and that will be the drink of choice for the evening I think. Well maybe one more Margarita with hubby.
The boys are here this weekend and we`ll probably watch a movie tonight after a BBQ`d chicken wings and mashed potatoe supper and hubby will make us all popcorn. The boys love mashed too.
If the movie isn`t interesting to me, I`ll just curl up with my book. It`s taking awhile to read it, only a few pages a day, but it`s keeping my interest so far. "Midnight Sun" by Ramsey Campbell. Classified as a thriller/supernatural type. I`ve read a few of his and liked them. This one`s a bit slow though. By the middle of a book which is where I am, there should be a bit more revealed. We`ll see.

All in all a really nice day today afterall and the rain held off.
Went to the hair salon this morning for a trim and highlights. I`ve had some real hair disasters due to my liking to be different colours and experimenting, so I was a bit nervous.
I have always wanted to see what it was like as a blonde. Do blondes have more fun, I wondered?
Nope........ I say not. Hey I`ve been a few different shades and colours now and each has been fun.
Until the last trip of my blonde faze when the hair stylist went too far with the old bleach! Then I hated it. So a gradual blonde for 6 months and then a red head and then a chocolate head and then back to my own colour. Hence my bad hair days began and now finally after a year are ending with healthier hair. The pic in my profile was the best stage of blonde, just before the all over solid she did. I looked like ....hmmmmm....I don`t know....but it was awful. Way too harsh for me.
It ended up safe though this time. I wanted my auburn highlights and I`m happy. I guess I`m too much of an earth person to feel comfortable being blonde. But I still do like blonde......and red and blonde....... and red......and brown and red....and brown and copper..and.........


Janet said...

I drink my tea in a mug, too. I like the look of the delicate cups but only get a couple of sips before its gone!

Sorry to hear about your friend. But it seems you salvaged the day. I like the highlights in your hair. I spent most of my younger life as a blonde - very soft ash blonde - and loved it. Now my hair is grey and that's just fine with me.

Heather said...

Gorgeous hair, teacup and I LOVE the wallpaper!!!

ACey said...

Ditto with the wallpaper love. This is an awesome self-portrait.

miss*R said...

I have all those colours at once! I love them and have them foiled about every 3 to 4 mths.

miss*R said...

oh, and its not sappy saying that about your husband - I say it always :)

Rosa said...

Tea! I love it. The color is gorgeous and just in time for the fall!! Good for you. I wish I could do something with mine. Mine is so frizzy curly, that you don't really notice the highlights....grrrr. Hope your friend is better--missing body parts doesn't sound good. Glad yo sis made it though. xoxo

Medieval Lady said...

Tea in a wonderful little cup. Lovely. I agree takes many pourings to satisfy my taste. ;) I've only been blond once. No not more fun and looked goofy. For now staying with red. :)

One Crabapple said...

I get those headaches...My life is so much better now that I have IMITREX to fall back on. Those headaches are a downward spiral of such pain and misery...I always used to say I would try anything to get out of them.
Tell her to ask her doc for this . I know I is a drug - but I have tried everything else non drug. At least with this I can function.
That said ! laughing, I love tea! and i love your cup - I think I might have one like that !

Your hair looks great. I always picture as a blonde like in your little picture wiht the hat that appears on my blog when you stop by to visit.

yehhhh , mashed potatos are goooood.