Saturday, September 02, 2006

From Those I Love Dearly........

Yesterday my hubby made my lunch and at work when I opened it I found this inside......

He`s the greatest!

And my daughter sent me this funny little article.


Daisy Lupin who has a wonderful blog at
mentioned that I might like to try something called a "meme"

The page I had to take it from was 123 and start with the 6th line and end at the 8th line. Doesn`t near do the book it`s credit but here goes....

"This was a live take, the whole band playing together, instead of the usual jigsaw.
This number was over seven minutes long, about a prophet of some kind with a Welsh-sounding name, who

...came down from the mountains
with a harp on his shoulder
and dreams of the future...

It was one of those songs like Led Zepplin`s "Stairway To Heaven" which got bigger and more complicated, more violent, a male and a female singing alternating verses. No mistaking the voices; Dave Reilly and the Cairns woman.

This is from one of my very favorite authors, Phil Rickman. The book is called "December" about a group of people who practice for their band called "The Philosophers" inside the twelth century ruins of an Abbey on the borders of England and Wales.

A sinister and hard to put down book. It`s not his Merrily Watkins series. It`s the 4th book of his other "not quite" a series. I say "not quite" because although not a series, characters reappear in these ones.


Janet said...

What a sweet hubby you have!

Love the story about Sooty!! That was too cute.

I did this meme too but yours is much more interesting than mine! When I saw the words Led Zepplin I was caught .... they are one of my all-time favorite bands. I was nuts for Robert Plant.

Rowan said...

Love the guinea pig story. Not surprised he slept for 2 days!
I'm obviously a good deal older than both you and Janet - Led Zeppelin is just a name to me - I wouldn't recognize one of their songs if I heard it. Only know the name because older DS had their stuff!

PG said...

I am a big Phil Rickman fan...Candlelight is another good one, and I think you would LOVE the Man in the Moss, if you haven't read it.

He has a website here (you may already know this though!)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi pg....yes I`ve read all of his books so far. I think he has a new one just out or on it`s way. Thanks for reminding me about his site. I have been there but not for awhile.