Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Countdown To The Rock Star Has Begun....

Who will they choose??

First up was Toby singing "Karma Police" by Radiohead. I thought his performance was amazing.
Then he did his own "Throw it All Away" ,with Magni playing guitar. He rocked! And having Magni along with him was perfect. This is for sure a radio hit!

Then Lukas singing "Fix You" by Coldplay, earlier dedicating it to his father who for some reason he doesn`t see. Superbly sung!
And afterwards his own original song "Headspin". This time he did an unplugged version and changed it up a bit. All I can say about this one`m wordless. This was his best, using every different octave of his voice.

Dilana was next singing "Roxanne" by The Police and she really made a come back professionally with this, changing only a tiny bit. I don`t really like this song, but last night I did. Then her original "Supersoul" with special backup singers....Magni, Lukas and Toby!! Brillliant idea! I liked this one this time around better too. But will it help her?

Then Magni sang "Hush" by Deep Purple, doing a fantastic job of it! And his origianl "When The Time Comes" was perfect. Tommy Lee for some reason was hard on him though. Was that to veer us away from thinking they`re choosing him? Ya never know I guess. He IS good.

I almost forgot....Ryan came back for a guest appearance and they gifted him with a new vehicle. His own song "Back of My Car" which he did is really good, but not great. But I think he`s on his way to success!
So.........who will it be? Will it be Toby, who knows how to rock, have fun and draw the girls? Will it be Lukas, who has found some new and amazing levels to his already incredible voice? Or will it be Magni who has a wonderfully solid voice and the right "look" for these guys? I have absolutely no ideas here. It could easily be any one of these three. I`m stumped. But if I were given a choice, I would now pick Lukas. I think he deserves it because he`s so unbelievably talented (even with that one hilarious move he makes) and he seems to have a had a lot of hard knocks in life.
Well, we`ll see tonight. Can`t wait!!

On another note, it`s raining like mad here this morning. How does one get a big dry dog to step out in this to get soaking wet and do his thing before we go to work? Poor puppy. I hope it doesn`t thunder while we`re away. He hates that. I`m hoping he`ll listen to hubby, when I go and wake him and go out there for a minute. It`s possible that one of us is going to have to get wet with him!
*** Half hour later.....a happy and relieved dog comes trotting back into dry cover.


judypatooote said...

I have the same problem with Max... when it rains he never wants to go out....I have to stand their and keep saying, "Go Potty".. I suppose I wouldn't want to go potty in the rain either.... lol.....

I did vote for Dilana a bunch of times, and I also thru in a few votes for Toby......I really don't like Lukas....I think the whole band is funky looking, and anyone of them would fit in.....but Lukas I think is too bazarre......?

Shelley said...

I hope your fav wins! I can hardly wait for American Idol. Love it.

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Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Another spam. Guess if this keeps happening I`m going to have to put those nuisance letters back on my comments that need typing in!

Robot Dean Martin said...

thanks, you too ;)