Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rock Star for Super Nova is Getting Closer

I`m not sure whether I was hearing things but....I thought I heard Dilana diss the fans in her song at the writing clinic they each did on Monday night. If so....not a good thing!
Update: She had in her lyrics, F.U. to the voters.
Dilana sang "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who last night. It wasn`t her best. Then her original was called "Super Soul"
Both songs were about her misfortune. She has sang about this same thing now four times. Can`t seem to move past it, or stop messing up with her opinions and by bringing it up all the time, it`s making the odds of her being picked now, nil......I feel anyway. What happened to you, Dilana? Where is that grounded earthy amazing person we saw at the beginning? That humble person? Was that just an illusion?
Amazing how things have changed so much throughout this contest.

Magni sang "Back in the USSR" by the Beatles. It was great. Then for his original "When the Time Comes". Also very good. He has a good strong voice.

Storm chose Bowie`s "Suffragette City". I wasn`t as crazy about this one. That song may have worked with a male voice. Love the song and Bowie does it best.
Her original was called "What the **** is Ladylike" She couldn`t use the word so she sang muck. It was great. Very original.

Lukas did "Livin on a Prayer" by Bonjovi. He did a totally different rendition of it and it worked. Then he sang "Headspin" for his origianl song. Fantastic performance.
The song was about his mother he said. I think Lukas has a sad soul.
Very Gothic rock to match his look. Very original.

And last but in no way the least was Toby singing "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers.
It was superb. But his original blew the whole show away. Absolutely fantastic. An instant hit called "Throw it Away" A real wower!

They didn`t show the bottom three results on the screen last night, but possibly it will be Dilana, Magni and Storm.
Hubby and me are both thinking that it`s going to come down to Lukas and Toby in the end. One of them.... to become..... Rock Star Supernova`s front man. Tonight`s elimination show will be good!


Jeanne said...

Blessings to you today and always.
Love Jeanne

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Not much of a Cage fan...some are you and thank you for all your comments on second blog...I'd be honored to be on the're sweet.

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