Thursday, September 21, 2006

Off To Toronto For The Weekend

I just had to take another flower picture! I can`t really put anything too autumny in colour outside because I`ve still some summer colours going on. This English Shrub Rose ( "Eglantyne" Northern Pride) has tons of buds on it still. It`s my favorite of all my roses and is in the front garden. It`s so frilly and such a pretty pale pink. Maybe next year there will be more than one rose blooming at a time. I guess until frost hits, it will keep blooming. It`s more like October weather here. Either wet or chilly or both all month mostly so far. Harder to wake up in the mornings now.

My sister and I are going to visit my daughter on Saturday and she wants to take us to Kensington Market. That should be fun except that it`s supposed to rain all weekend. Well hopefully the weather changes just for that day. We`ll take our umbrellas and prepare for the worse and I`ll take my camera and hopefully get some pictures too.
Can`t wait to see her again.....I miss her and worry about her living there. But her career is there and she`s a city girl. We get to meet her new boyfriend at some point and also her new cat. She adopted him. The cat...not her boyfriend. His name is Bud, seven years old, and he`s so cute!

She says...

"I got Bud yesterday! He's much bigger than what he looks in the picture. He's huge! He's not fat at all, just a really big cat.

He's not as nervous as most cats are when they move to a new house. He's probably used to being moved around a lot. He scratched M. when we tried to get him out of his carrier bag, but that was it... and he only scratched because he jumped; he didn't swat at him. I kept him in my bedroom for the first night. Tonight I'll let him wander around the upstairs and get used to that and then I'll let him go downstairs. Just so he can get used to one room at a time... he's already curious about what is outside my bedroom door and tries to sneak out."

And here`s the picture she sent of Bud......isn`t he beautiful? What an expression he has!

I think I`ll take a few days off posting. Have a look through my Richters Plant catalogue, catch up on some blog reading, get ready for the weekend and then pretend technology doesn`t exist for a bit. Need to do some good old fashioned things. I find the computer overloads my brain sometimes. Back to it Monday....Happy Weekend!


Shelley said...

He's a darling boy!! So sweet. You have a great time...even if it rains. Enjoy your weekend.

Rowan said...

Bud is lovely, like his little white socks. The rose is beautiful too but that picture of the moon and autumn leaves is just wonderful, did you take it and if so how did you get such a lovely clear photo? Have a wonderful time with your daughter, it's hard when they live away, mine are all local at the moment but Steve and his wife spent 3 years in South Africa and Neil was in Nepal for 15 months so I know how it feels. Mind you I had two fantastic trrips to South Africa which was some compensation!

Christine said...

That is an adorable cat.

I know what you mean about compu-overload.

As StrongBad from Homestar Runner said, "My mouth tastes"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics -- all three of them.

Try not to worry too much about your daughter. Toronto isn't as scary as it sounds!

Give Bud a scratch behind the ears for me when you see him.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Stunning rose photo! My shrub rose, Jens Monk, will bloom till the 1st frost. Sweet kitty, also. Have an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,

Love your site, all the pictures, and your thoughts.
We are going to have a fantastic time in Toronto, rain or shine! Because we will all be sharing it together!

Love ya!

Janet said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend and come back refreshed and relaxed.

Bud is adorable! What a cute kitty.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Rowan,no I didn`t take that one. I have no idea how to do that. Teddy and the margarita is by hubby though. This one is borrowed and I couldn`t find any name to go with it.

Jeanne said...

Take good care and have fun with your daughter. I have been to the St. Lawrence Market and it's fabulous.
I hope the rain holds off.
Take lots of pictures.
I love the new little fur angel Bud.
Love you!

Daisy Lupin said...

Beautiful Kitty Cat. Yes it does you good to take a break from the blog every now and then. Hope you have a great weekend.

Rosa said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Awww, Bud. He is adorable. I love orange kitties, they are the best. These sweetest cats you will ever have. And Bud! We had a Bud!
Have fun!

slaghammer said...

Hi Tea, thanks for dropping by my blog. It is definitely not a polished affair but I give it all of the attention I can muster. I've enjoyed reading your blog and I see that you know the glory that is digital photography. How did we ever get along without it?

Catch said...

what a beautiful cat!!!! Have a great time visiting your daughter!!!!! Oh, and the rose is so pretty!!!!

Carol said...

Oh lurvely photos again, the Eglantyne is such a beauty, so is your sisters new cat Bud and that art like leaves against the moon pic! I'm so sorry that you Canadian guys have had so much chilly and wet weather lately! Yep a computer break is neeeded from time to time!

Anonymous said...

love the pic of Bud!
And Richters is my favorite "wish list" catalogue! Their Lemon Catnip is one of my all-time favorite herbs!