Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Sweet Daisy

This is a sad posting but since my camera is out of batteries I pulled up some more pictures I took in the summer while walking around the pond......

In 2001 I lost my sweet Golden Reteiever Daisy. She was only two years old and it broke my heart. I was at work and got a call saying she had been hit on the road and was badly injured in her back area. We usually had her tied up because she wasn`t road wise and the road is very busy out here. She got loose. I rushed home in a panic and we went to the vets where she was and the vet kindly came with us to another for a second opinion. The other vet said that even if we took her to where they do intensive veterinarian operations and had the hundreds it would take to pay for an operation that they wouldn`t be able to save her. So I layed on the floor with her, my arms wrapped around her as the vet gave her the leathal injection.
We took her back home and hubby and my dad dug her grave under the apple tree by the woods, while Elvis and I watched, seeming to share in our misery and sadness. I knew that it was important that Elvis see because he would have been searching for her constantly otherwise.
This is Daisy with Elvis.....

This is out little pet cemetary. It now also has my sister`s cat and guinea pig, one of our cats, Clover, and my Mum`s chinchilla resting here.

This is Daisy`s grave. Engraved on the plaque is " In Loving Memory of Sweet Daisy, May 1999- July 10 2001 Who Frollicks safely In Gods Country" My Dad got the little dog statue and hubby got the plaque made for her.

I wish so much that my beloved Ben dog was buried here too.

He was with us for nine short years. They are both missed tremendously.


Christine said...

Tea, what brought this on?
I'm sorry~ these things never seem to really lose their bite.

Rowan said...

What a sad post Tea, I can empathize with you totally having lost three dogs and five cats over the years, though all lived long lives fortunately and all but two were rescue animals and their lives were happier than they might have been. Losing them is always so hard even when you know they are old and ill - to lose one as young as Daisy would be even worse.
Think of her running free and happy in the Summerlands now along with Ben. Hugs to you Tea - sounds like you are having a down sort of day.

Anonymous said...

The memories of our furry friends are etched into our hearts forever. What a lovely tribute. We had two cats, brother and sister for almost 20 years. We lost them a couple of years ago, and I still 'see' them in the house, and hear their voices. Somethings you never forget.
Are you familiar with "Rainbow Bridge', the vet sent us a copy when we lost the cats, and althought it made me cry, it is a sweet sentiment.

Remiman said...

Such a sad tale! My sister has a golden and I can appreciate how attached we become to our animal pets. Maybe it's because they love us unconditionally.
I hope the sunshine touches you today. ;-)

Jeanne said...

I just fall to pieces when any one we love dies...........May your fur angels rest in peace. Those who live forever in our hearts are never far away.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Anonymous said...

a beautiful post
and a lovely pet cemetary
my blessings to you

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

This was just something I was remembering the other day Christine and I had already taken the pictures in July knowing I would write about sometime.
I think mostly it`s to introduce Daisy because she is a big part of a future story about about how hubby and I met.
Not havig a sad day although the memory is sad.


FarmgirlCyn said...

So sad, Tea. We also have a Golden, Beau, who is the joy of our life. He, also is not street wise, and takes off any time he gets the chance. Took him to obedience school, but absolutely will not come to us if he gets loose. Dumb dog. PS: Your pet cemetery is very sweet.

Rosa said...

It's so hard when we lose a loved one. Such a cutie too. I'm so sorry. xoxo

judypatooote said...

OK you made me cry.....I know how close you can become to your pets. I don't know what I'll do when Maxie goes....he is 11 or 12...he was a stray, and never thought I could love a dog that much... Thanks for sharing your story about Daisy.....

Naturegirl said...

I too have a memory garden where I have planted my 2 beloved felines Halo and Casper last year. I have posted about them "Gentle Giant" should you like to see them. They are in our hearts forever....our furry friends whom we shared life with.