Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Chilly Dark Day With Some Accomplishment....

Finally no rain yet much today, so I went out back to prepare for next years vegetable garden I want.
I read in the Special Edition of "Birds&Blooms" that one could lay dark plastic on the grass over the winter and in spring the grass would be dead. I used extra large garbage bags and cut one side and bottom.
This is better for me because there is no deep digging. This magazine is fantastic. Packed full of all kinds of really good articles and tips on many pages. I can`t seem to find where it spoke of this though. I`m positive it was in there somewhere!

But while I was laying the plastic I spotted something freaky by the fence....

After getting up the nerve to investigate, I got the shovel and turned it over....

It was a stuffed animal. Whew!! It must be from one of the garage sales my sister had out here and Elvis swiped it. Weird. It looked like real wet fur and there were a couple of flies on it.

I went in the field and got some loads of bricks we stored there and wheel barrowed them over to frame it and hold the bags down.
So the whole thing will become a raised garden bed with bricks framing it. Not sure how high yet. This spot gets extemely wet when it rains, but the other side of the tree is even worse. It will need leveling after we get a load of dirt dumped in spring. I might even section it off with bricks. Grow different things in each one instead of the typical line rows.
It`s not that big, about 12 ft by 10 ft give or take, but a good start. I`m going to grow tomatoes in pots to save on room. And maybe plant some flowers around the tree. It still gets a lot of sun there, even with that tree there`s hardly any shade so the veg should do okay.

Then I planted the two small Heather plants I bought the other day that were staring at me in front of the grocery store. There were tons of them, but kind of expensive so I only took two. $4.99 for such a tiny thing. They need shelter so I put them here for now anyway.

I decided to plant some of the mums. Not sure if they`ll survive over winter, but it`s worth a try.I couldn`t plant the container because these were plastic ones.

Put the bright purple astors by the butterfly bush and the purpley pink mums too. I call it the purple corner. But looking at it, I think I may swap them around and have the darker farthest from the butterfly bush. It would look better I think.

Just left the rest that I had in back here down the end with the ones I`ve potted myself.

Now all that`s left to do is fertilize the soil. I read somewhere that sheep manure fertilizer really isn`t sheep manure. But regardless, it`s waiting for another day. Maybe tomorrow if it doesn`t rain all day.


Anonymous said...

Your yard is so lovely -- evidence of a great deal of hard work.

You are brave to have turned over that stuffed animal. I would have run into the house shrieking and not emerged until Scott had gotten rid of the thing.

Remiman said...

Golly girl, your right into this gardening aren't you? Sounds like you have a good plan. Gerdening can be very theraputic, especially if you star off small and grow over time (pun intended.)

The first picture really did look like a real dead animal. I was unsure of what would come next.

Anonymous said...

Putting the plastic down is a great idea and it works really well. I have just put boards down along the side of the house in the back yard. When I remove them in the spring,it will be less work to put down a paved path without having to find a way of disposing of a ton of sod.
I look forward to seeing lots of veggie pictures from you next year.

Pretty Lady said...

Hello, it is funny but I have visited your blog alot of times, maybe you know that, and I always wanted to be your friend becuase I love gardening too, yours is lovely, you have done so much work and time to have it that way, I can tell. Please, Can I be your friend too? I am going to see if I can find that magazine. I have cocktiels, canaries, lovebirds and finches and I hope one day to have a parrot or two. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am super happy. I love the blogging world, I wish I could have found you guys a long time ago. Thank you again.

Rowan said...

You 've really been busy and everything looks so nice - even the black plastic looks attractive with it's nice brick design on top!The colours of the purple asters and pink chrysanthmums are so beautiful, I think you are right that they would look even better the other way round though. Think I shall have to go to the garden centre again!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful photographs and phew thank God it was a stuffed animal.
Keep well my friend!