Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Angus the Owl" and This and That

Later Note... Hubby squeezed out enough juice from the batteries to upload the picture, so here`s the trees out front at the moment...

Here`s a weird picture of Angus I took late Sunday afternoon not long after we arrived back from Toronto. He looks like a mutant fuzzy ginger owl or something. I wanted to get a better one but it began absolutely pouring hard rain down and I ran back in!

The trees are changing fast now. They`re so pretty but I hate when they become bare which will happen before long.
I took a picture and then my batteries ran out before I could upload it. Have to wait a few days before I can get out to buy more.
We decided to watch "The Dark" last night. Hubby had the DVD in his collection....

If you like a good spooky ghost story then you`ll like this. It`s not a gore movie and it`s steeped in Welsh mythology with really great photography and special effects with the camera lens. The story is good and so are the actors.


Carol said...

Thanks for the film tip!

The trees are stunning and I think there is also something about bare trees, trees are always beautiful whatever season!

I've had a good laugh about the cat owl lol

And I've a nice time visiting your blog today! x

Christine said...

Thanks, this sounds really good!

The owl-kitty is quite freaky!
Love the way the trees look.

Anonymous said...

Angus looks like a wise owl..he appears to be wondering why you are standing in the rain.LOL
I sympathize with the fuzzy mutant look, the damp does that to my hair too..!

Jeanne said...

Love you Sugar Plum.
I will have to check out this movie.
I love Suspense thrillers.

Janet said...

The trees are gorgeous reflected on the water. I love this time of year.

Angus does indeed look like a fuzzy owl! Now if he says "Hoot" it will be a little scary!

If there's NO gore, I might check it out. I love a good ghost story but hate gore.

Rowan said...

The photo of the trees is beautiful and I see what you mean about Angus looking like a weird kind of owl! The film sounds rather good, I'll have to see if I can rent it.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Have you thought about re-chargeable batteries? We now use them for all our digitals. Pricey at first, but they re-charge like several hundred times! Mine is a cheapie, like $17 for the charger and a set of batteries. Takes 8 hours, so I just pop em in overnight!
LOVE the trees!

Peggy said...

enjoyed catching up on your blog! love the photos. Your brickwork turned out so lovely!

Gary said...

We don't really get fall colors down here in Houston. Lovely photo. I'm very jealous. :)

Rosa said...

Angus is a cutie!~