Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Forgot to mention that we went to the show. Decided upon The Wicker Man. Should have read the reviews which are BAD... because although the concept of the story was good, it could have been done a LOT better, especially seeing as Nicolas Cage was in it. The only good thing about it was the beautiful gardens and houses. Now they were amazing.
This seemed like more of a made for tv movie.
It was apparently a re-make of a good classic.
We still had a nice night out though. East Side Marios for supper and we also popped into Chapters before the movie. I love Chapters.

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Daisy Lupin said...

The Wicker Man is a remake of an English film of the same name made in 1973, it was set on a remote Scottish Island, that film was good idea but a bit cringeworthy in some scenes. Look out for the book that is better than the film and was written before the film was made. There is also a book about the making of the first Wicker Man film, as lots of strange things are supposed to have happened during the film of it.