Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Winner of Rock Star Supernova Is.......!!

Lukas Rossi!.....and Dilana....sort of. I`m glad Lukas won! He may get himself up strange, but he has the most incredibly awesome and original voice. Maybe now his life will turn around for him and hopefully in a good way. I think he deserves that.
I have a feeling that the guys think so too. Global TV messed it up bad and we were dissapointed because they left a lot out. But then they aired it properly at 10 again.

Now Dilana. She also has a most incredibly awesome style and voice. The guys have asked her to perform at their concerts with the house band and Gilby has offered to help her write some songs and get a record out there. So really, when you think about it.....they chose two people in a way.

Even though you`ll never read this Lukas, mega congratulations to you!!! And Dilana a big congratulations too. There`s a conspiracy theory that they highlighted Dilana`s boo boo`s because everyone was voting for her and nobody else at the beginning. Hmmmmmmmm. Anything`s possible I guess.

Toby......he`s going to make it on his own!
Lukas at the beginning wasn`t very likable and some still don`t like him. But I think he`s come a long way. Maybe he didn`t have a lot of good social skills before, but when he got to know everyone, it seemed he was much more down to earth and friendly. He`s a showman so he has his own look. That might change a bit along this new and exciting journey he will now travel.......maybe eventually anyway, he will no longer have to hide away underneath. But you have to admit, though it doesn`t suit the band, that like him, it is original!
All right Lukas!!


Shelley said...

I'm glad it came out how you had hoped. Will this show be on next summer?

judypatooote said...

Ya know I voted for Dilana but when Lukas sang with the band those 2 songs, he was really good. I say he's bazarre but then I look at Tommy up there playing the drums without his shirt and all his tatoos, I think well Lukas fits right in.....I'm so glad that they gave Dilana a chance even if it's with the house band, they will have her handy....just in case Lukas doen't work out.... I can't wait until next summer to see which band will need a lead singer......

You did a nice job presenting each of the rockers Tea.....I looked forward to reading your post... now for Survivor.......

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Sadie, I hope there is another one next season. Not sure yet.