Friday, July 21, 2006

I Will Now Take Thorn Wounds Very Seriously!

Two weeks ago I picked up some plant clippings off the ground and also a dead rose bush branch. One of the thin spiky thorns stuck in my knuckle. I really thought nothing of it other than "ouch, that hurt!" as I pulled it out. As the next few days wore on it got more sore and started to swell. I finally dragged myself to the clinic and the doctor said "gardening accident, tetenus shot" He also gave me 5 days worth of penicillin pills.
The swelling and throbbing continued but after the five days the throbbing left and some of the swelling.
Now I`m left with a sort of feeling of white heat in my hand and my index finger feels like a bad case of arthritus has entered it. It`s the knuckle below that finger.
I`ve been doing research on the net and have found that this has happened to many people with all sorts of remedies for it.
The two worst are having the knuckle opened up to see if somethings lodged in there and the other is that it`s stuck in my bone!
Right now I`m soaking it in Epson salts and at this momenet have a mustard and baking soda poultice on it.
If it`s not any further along by Monday I will be going back to the doctor. Impossible to get into my own doctor on short notice and oh how I hate the thought of waiting two to three hours at the clinic!
So if anyone ever happens to glance at my blog........please wear gloves while gardening! I`ve learned a hard lesson. I really can`t believe that something so silly has caused all this.


ms*robyn said...

ooh ouch! yep, rose thorns can be so cruel. and dangerous. I read once that a person was blinded by a rose thorn.
I always have a bottle of calendula oil in my pocket as I garden and if this type of thing happens, I drop a few drops of oil onto where the thorn was and it does help with infection. Try taking garlic - either capsules or fresh - it is a natural antibiotic and will help kill infection.
hope it is getting better!

Rosa said...

Ouch!! That smarts!