Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Took a Walk This Morning

Before hubby went into work this morning we were sitting in our back garden looking at all the work that needs to be done to make it look even half nice. That lonely odd looking white trellis isn`t permanent. Just stuck it there to picture maybe a few amongst the laurel and box I`m planting. Maybe put vines or something hanging on them. Just a half arsed visual experiment. A small "outdoor room" would be pretty. The property is so beautiful but the gardens close to the house and the house aren`t yet. The house used to be a small barn at one time, so we do have the nice posts and beams inside, but the windows are too small. One day......
I kind of was thinking of stone or brick to cover all this wood chip mess back here, they track into the house, but we decided that wood planks would be the easier and fastest for now. Hubby said if I hated it we could take it back up in a year because it would only take him an hour or so to put down.
I can`t imagine being that awful and saying "take that up!" though. I think once the wood is weathered nicely and I can get some big planters and nice seating it will look fine.
I`m also thinking of how to make a plant and ? something type wall along the back. The sides already have foilage and trees.
The reason I want the lawn and woods view blocked is because through those trees is someone else`s property. Well that`s no problem but they are hill billies! Two younger men and their old Dad. The old Dad is always drunk. My parents are our neighbours and one day he came stumbling over telling my Dad he`d like to move in with them.... would that be alright with them!
They don`t live there but come on weekends and I have no idea what they do in there. The Dad has a house somewhere with a naked mannekin in the picture window and car engines on his front room floor.
It`s all full of old junk in those woods on that side of us. Cars and car parts and barrels and God only knows what else. I think they sit in the trees and watch for deers to shoot.
I hate that fact that someone could be watching while I sit out there. I creeps me out.
We`re completely surrounding on all sides by woods except for the road up front and thankfully there`s no weirdos in the other parts.
Anyway....I went for a walk around the pond this morning after removing the ugly little umbrella table from the back. It was bright blue with big bright orange flowers. I made my eyes sore looking at it. No more junk. Nicer chairs later. Better bare for now.


Shelley said...

Your land is beautiful!!! Is that your lake and all? Wow. Looks like paradise to me.

Patches & Mittens said...

Absolutely gorgeous. WE have a pond too, but with the heat it is going down. We read in another blog you like kitties......well, we are kitties....

Patches, Mittens and Mistrie

Carol said...

Oh my what a wonderful and big garden you have! Great photos!

Christine said...

LOVE the statue!