Monday, July 24, 2006

And The Winnner Is...well eventually

I still have no new pictures of my slow growing garden but....
Another episode of Rock Star tonight. We`re hooked. We don`t watch a lot of television but there`s some truly incredibly talented people here. Dilana`s won already though. I have never heard anyone so original in my entire life. She had to do a Johnny Cash song one night and even made that sound great. If they don`t choose her when this whole show is over, she`ll be making it big on her own. These guys need her. They say their band is going to be different.
She`ll bring something fresh and new to their "sad, so old" heavy metal roots. Sorry, my love, but you know I don`t like heavy metal much. But he does agree about Dilana.


Shelley said...

I haven't seen that show. I guess I'll have to look for it. I'll admit I was hopelessly addicted to American Idol. Could be good.Thanks for the heads up. Have a great day


VintagePretty said...

I don't really get the chance to watch that much tv - and being in England I don't think we have that show, but I've been really enjoying your blog posts :D

How is the hand? Take care of it, boiled (then cooled) salt water is the way to go.

Take care

ms*robyn said...

I don't watch it and I am not sure if we even get it here. But I just wanted to say that I saw your 'new' photo - you are a gorgeous gal! same age as me too.
ps - new blog coming soon! xxo

Naturegirl said...

I have not had time to watch TV since American idol. By the time gardening and watering and posting done..I'm exhausted..oh and then a bit of reading for bookclub!! I had to visit
you as margaritas summer drink of choice!!I see also that we both like peonies,roses,lilacs,Johnny Depp,Enya,and we're Ontarians!Your blog is delightful..loved reading through it!
If you like library rooms you should read "Shadow of the Wind" Chapters has it (authors name escapes me) I like your cottage style in the kitchen..I"ll have to get some of my decorative wine bottles up over mine..great idea!! Thank you
for visiting my blogsite and listing it..I'm flattered! :)

~~ Melissa said...

She's my favourite contestant on the show too. It's interesting how she almost doesn't know how great she is. Whether she wins it or not, I agree: she's well on her way to a huge career. I loved the Johnny Cash song. It was a brilliant reworking of the song.

Daisy Lupin said...

yummy yummy to the post below - rhubarb upside down cake, I have't tried it with rhubarb just pineapples. I love rhubarb especially rhubarb crumble.

To the comments you left on my website, yes I love my peaceful rural life that I live now but I still play the music of my youth every so often, and I am glad I have those wild memories. Love xx

Rosa said...

I didn't even know it started already! hehe. I watched last years. Love the guy they chose and he still sounds good with INXS (right show, right??). I'll have to take a look/see. I don't watch tv that much either, but I would like something to watch if I choose to.

vicci said...

I just found your blog through ms. robyn....I watch rock star supernova just so I can look at Dave Navarro...and I also like Dilana...she is the best! By far! I'm not much of a TV watcher...but I like the talent on the rock star the MUSIC!