Sunday, July 16, 2006

Elvis and Angus and it`s Hot, Oh My!!!!

It`s hot again today. The humidity is 98 percent! This calls for one of my favorite frozen margaritas for certain.
Hubby was sweet and hooked up the camera to the computer so I braved this heat wave and took a few pictures. The first is Elvis...the sweet and patient boy he was today for me while I took this. And the next is Angus who looked down just at the wrong second.He`s a ball of orange fuzz and a bit goofy but I call him my calendar cat.
The animals don`t want to stay outside either for long. We`ve been lucky so far actually this summer and haven`t had too much humidity. I wish we could have only three seasons.......Spring, Summer and Autumn. Oh, to be able to skip the longest season of them all here! The dreaded Winter.

Hmmmmmmmm....I`m being a bit strange I`s sweltering outside and I`m complaining about winter LOL.

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