Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another Quick Thorn Wound Update

Thanks to all my new blogging friends for the well wishes. My knuckle bone now is almost matching the rest and hardly any soreness at all! I`ve been doing some serious praying about this because it really was worrying me. I still find it hard to believe something so silly can end up as it did. But I looked at one of the branches of the large rose bush it came that had been clipped off and dead like the one that got me. The thorns are deadly looking. Thin, fine and sharp.
I`m going to continue nursing it for the next few days though just to make sure.

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Rosa said...

So glad you're better. I know, when you hurt, you wonder--what does it feel like to feel good? Guess it's all part of the aging process. Things hurt more than they did when we were younger...grrrrr.