Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Isobell is surveying the territory from one of the beams. Cats paradise here with all the things to climb up above. Maybe she`s seeing if Angus is anywhere waiting to tease her when she comes down.
Male cats seemed to be a lot like male boys. Even Teddy. They love to tease girls. Angus wanted to play with Isobell when she first arrived at her new home He sat on her and she didn`t like it. Now when he walks by, she slaps him in the face. It`s hilarious. She does it 3 or 4 times in lightening flash succession. You can hardly see her paw, it moves so fast. He just looks at her and carries on by. I wonder what he`s thinking at those moments?

I have really been slack with posting anything. Feeling zapped of energy lately and I usually feel like just flopping down on the couch after the few small chores after work. Lack of sunlight and nasty weather maybe. We`ve had about two sunny days this month and then, wam, back to the storms and snow and freezing rain and white sky. January was a record breaking warm month and February a record breaking cold one. What will March bring, I wonder. Very strange. I do hope Spring is able to push it`s way through and come when it`s supposed to. Who really can tell this year? The weather is really out of whack.

This weekend will be nice though. It`s my daughters birthday and we are going to Toronto and she`s coming the the British Show with us and then off to a nice Italian restaurant to celebrate her birthday and her new job within the company she already works for.
I`ll bring the camera.
"Fizz" from Coronation Street is going to be at the British Show. They have someone different every year. Also Prince William`s look-a-like. So that should be interesting. Hopefully we can see from wherever we`re standing. They have different things to look at and baked goods etc. We went a couple of years ago and saw "Eileen".

Off to check the spaghetti sauce and reeeeeeeeeelax :)


Kahshe Cottager said...

You are tuckered out from all those cooking adventures you have had lately! Glad to know you will be able to enjoy dinner out this weekend! Enjoy and celebrate!

I will be at a wedding being held in a winery in London this weekend and may never come home! ;-)

Rowan said...

Hope you and your daughter have a great weekend - Happy Birthday to her fom across the pond. March is 'in like a lion' over here so hopefully will go 'out like a lamb' with some nice warm spring weather.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

You know... Pumpy sits on me, too and for no real reason that I can think of. He just gets it into him that he wants to chase me and sit on me.

Me? Well... I put the bitey on him and I WILL slap him if he's moving around too much when I want to rest.

I hiss and spit when he sits on me.

CJ said...

Hey T, No wonder you're a bit tired! What with the flooring and all and when the weather's dark and gloomy, it can be a bit much. Spring will come (eventually) so have a lovely and relaxing weekend and Happy Birthday for your daughter :)

Jacran Cottage said...

March is coming in like a lion today with the nasty freezing rain and snow they are calling for this afternoon. Hopefully it won't last long and Spring will be just around the corner. I don't remember a winter where the weather has been so very strange!

Have a great time at the British Show this weekend. I was thinking of going as well but we are having a wine and cheese party Saturday night with people staying over so unfortunately I can't. But I am thinking of going to the Canada Blooms show in Toronto in a couple of weeks! Have some English chocolate for me!!!


Marion said...

Six inches of snow and -6C outside this morning! Strange weather...yesterday I admired the pansies, daffodils and primroses in a warm Sun. Today they are all covered in a white blanket!

But Spring will "push its way through"...just when has yet to be decided!

Dan said...

He sat on her and she didn`t like it.

Yup, you're right. Male cats are like boys ... and even some men. :)

Christine said...

Your stuff is always fun to read! Thanks for planning on letting us share your day with your daughter.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Have a super weekend. I'll look forward to reading about the British Show. I'm sure Elvis et al will be delighted when you've finished the floor!

HORIZON said...

Tea-l hope you're all having a wonderful time at the British Show in Toronto- happy birthday to your daughter!!
Nothing wrong with a bit of reeeeeelaxation :)

PG said...

It is the weather, nothing like a few days of sunshine for making you want to plant seeds and breathe deeply. We've got some over here at last, so I'll send it your way.

have a lovely weekend