Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some Gardening Inspiration on a Winter`s Day

Happy February 1st!
Spring is a little closer, though it sure doesn`t seem like it here. I needed to see some green and fell on this.....
Skippy`s Vegetable Garden blog at

Great gardening inspiration here. There`s also great recipes, ideas and a sweet doggy there. It`s worth a visit :)
I might try this in the pottager garden we`re planning in the spring. Maybe along the fence and in a couple of big pots along the sides of the garden where we intend to surround it with more brickage for potted things that won`t fit on the back garden patio....not sure if brickage`s a word, but it sounds good :)....and that was one long sentence! She says that she`s never had such high vines.

A Tomato Teepee.

teepee in June 27

tomatoes growing on August 10


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love fresh garden tomatoes! Mmmmmm, they’re so much better than the old store kind. I planted a vegetable garden the first year we bought our house and I planted to much.... I think I might try another this spring but smaller and easier to take care of.

Gary said...

I am starting my spring flowers on March first. There is about a 90% chance of no more freezes after that, and if we do have one, I'll protect them. By March 1 the ground is starting to warm a bit down here.

By the way, if breakage is a word, I don't see why brickage can't be one too. :)

Anita said...

Ups, did you receive my comments or did something go wrong????

Anita said...

Oh, you didn't, so I repeat:

That tomato teepee is great! I would like to build one or two (or more, who knows) teepees in my kitchen garden, too, this year. But not for my tomatos (they will grow somewhere else) but for beans!

BTW, don't miss to visit my blog this week-end, there's a little surprise waiting for everybody who comments on my recent post!

Sheila said...

Oh Tea, how are we going to wait until May 24 to start planting...!
I see English garden blogs already showing bulbs in bloom...!

Kahshe Cottager said...

I am so envious of people who start their plants early from seeds. I do not have the right temperment for doing this I guess! I had a full shade garden until last year when the big tree fell down (no damage fortunately). I will be looking for inspiration this year as the shade plants will not be happy any more!

You will have all sorts of tomatoes for the bruschetta next summer!! *-)

Happy Groundhog Day!!

Dan said...

I live in New Jersey, the Garden State! :)

RUTH said...

There's nothing like home grown tomatoes. i hope we get to see lots of photos of the potager as you develope it.
Happy Gardening

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

.....I`ve thought of trying veg from seed but don`t really have anywhere prctical inside. Did buy some flower seeds. May 24th is a long time away!
I`ll for sure be posting photos as we build this garden!


CJ said...

Oh Tea, what inspiring photo's. Thats what we all need...enough for bruschetta, ragu, soup...mmmm! I'm sooo envious, ya'all talking about planting and we've still gotta find the ground? LOL :-)

zUzU said...

Miss Tea! =^..^=

GORGEOUS pictures you have found!

Like you ... I sit in wonder in the deep of winter with seed catalogues spread before me ... and wish. I love winter ... but I love spring. Most of all I love my garden.

When I bought my tiny cottage, I was teased that the only reason I allowed the cottage to stand was that I needed it's porch when it rained.

The weather must be rather poor (re: freezing) ... Otherwise I am outside.

I use tomato teepees! But, do plant your tomatoes in the ground if at all possible. Not pots ... They will reach far larger size. The plants I mean. Let them have lots of air-flow. And have you though of making a windowframe greenhouse to start your seedlings off into the garden? It's pretty and OH so English! (and very Tasha Tudor)

Forgive me ... I get to rambling when I talk of gardens. I feel so for you that you cannot start until May. MAY! Oh! ::shudder:: You must be brave! Read garden magazines, order every free catalogue out there ... and somehow find a place to start seedlings. (and a delight to watch) Then place them into the windowframe (coldframe) to harden outside for the earliest planting!

Tomatoes taste even better when grown from seed. Okay, maybe not ... but it sounds good ::giggle::

Loving your garden plans Miss Tea! I'm anxiously watching your plans come to fruit. Wish I were next door!

=^..^= love, zU