Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Friends and the Unfortunate Creature" by The Cat That Would Be Heard

"One moment please..."


"Right with you....."

"Ahhhhhhhh, that`s it then...."

Tis not a pleasant tale I have to tell today, but it is another true and memorable one indeed.
Let us go back some years to when I was but a young lad and Benjamin still amongst us.
One pleasant summer`s evening I was home alone and ventured outside for a late night`s walk. The mistress and family were away overnight and Benjamin was staying over the yard, at the Nana`s house.
I trotted along the side of the drive, gazing up at the full moon and smelling the luscious scent of rose in the air. "Ahhhh... the beauty of it all." I thought to myself. "Truly this was a cat`s grandest life. Here, living in the country."
Of a sudden, there was a shuffling and crashing about, coming, it seemed, from the garage.
Now, you must realize, that I was the master cat of these good acres and to have such an invader, such a disturbance was troubling. Off around the corner I crept, using my best mouse catching stance.
The door to the garage was almost closed, but a foot wide opening gaped at the bottom.
"Yes....something has gotten in and is doing no good in there!" I mumbled quietly to myself. "But it must be quite large to be causing such a stir!"
Ever so quietly, I stepped closer and looked inside. All was dark, but being a cat, my eyes were able to desern a rather large creature. Almost dog-like in appearance, up to no good. No good at all.
Now, even at a young age, I was wise enough to realize that this task was none that I could handle.
Off I trotted again, rather briskly this time, to the Nana`s house, where I knew Benjamin lay somewhere inside sleeping.

Now if you`ve read my introduction of myself, you`ll know that I`m annoyingly unable to utter a proper meow, if any at all.
So there I stood in the glow of the moon, at the glass doors, making a rather unmanly sounding "Mee yek" Again I repeated it. "Mee yek" Still nothing. "Mee yek!"

Finally Benjamin dog came over to the door, glimpsed myself pitifully standing there in the dark, pressed his nose up to the glass, sniffed and promptly trotted away again."Well for bloody sake, man! Come back!" I gasped.

I`d all but given up when suddenly back he came, with the Nana, yawning, in tow.
"There you go, Ben. But do hurry up and don`t stay out with Teddy too long." And back to bed she went.
Being we animals can communicate telepathically, I at once told Benjamin my predicament. Off we both went to get the business done. I won`t go into detail here, because whilst I stood outside the garage door, Benjamin went in and shockingly took care of the business in his own way. But the sounds that could be heard. To think that our gentle giant, Benjamin had it in him. Oh my!

Meanwhile, back inside the Nana`s house, the Nana, alarmed at a screaming noise outside, was trying to rouse the Grampa from a sound sleep.
"D! D! Wake up! I think Ben is murdering Teddy!" "Whaaaaaa? Go back to sleep B. Ben wouldn`t murder Teddy" murmered the Grampa, as he fell back to sleep.
But the Nana leapt out of bed anyway and ran toward the door. She stood there a moment, in the now silence and the moon`s soft glow.
Then much to her surprise and relief up to the house sauntered Benjamin and myself. Benjamin was let in and I, who prefer my own home, went there for a peaceful night`s sleep.

The next morning the Grampa opened the garage door and found a deceased racoon, lying peacefully as if in sleep.

And now my dear friends, I shall say "Tot wij opnieuw samenkomen." or "Until we meet again."
~ Theodore


Anita said...

Oh, tot wij opnieuw samenkomen... spreek je een beetje Nederlands? ;-)))

Thanks for leaving a comment on my Valentine's heART give-away.
You might have seen on my blog that went to someone else... ;-(( Nevertheless, I hope you'll pass by again very soon!

CJ said...

Oh my, what a storyteller...when will Teddy's collection of short stories be published? Haven't had a chance to read for a few days so am catching up. The Blue Grape Focaccia looks yummy! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now there's one serious looking cat. What an adorable tale! And I remember your post about communicating with animals. One of your first posts I read--now when was that...

Sheila said...

Theodore, your stories are so exciting. Who knew what happens at night in the Wild Kingdom, between the Nana's and your own home.
Nana's are very intuitive too you know, but Grampa's would rather sleep..!

Louche said...


That was marvellous old bean.

james higham said...

You make a wonderful Kitty Kat, Tea and Margaritas. Incidentally, awfully difficult to leave comments on your site. This is my 5th attempt.

Imma ( Alice) said...

Totally wonderful story, Teddy old man. Keep it up.

VintagePretty said...

I love Theo's stories! And brave Benjamin! Woo hoo! Theodore does spin a good yarn :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just found that neat post of yours about animal communication. It was from August 29, if anyone else is interested.

HORIZON said...

That was a story indeed Tea- you had me gripped. Had a quick scan down your blog- delicious!! Also like your Spring countdown- l DO need one of those.
Bests ;)x

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Cats are divine creatures. You have given yours a divine voice! I can truly believe these words came from Theodore!

Rosa said...

I love Theadore!! (You make sure you show him the proper placement of his paws, now). Wrists up! (Do cats have wrists? Can they get carpul tunnel?)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Theodore has fun remembering his stories :) I fear he may be running out of them though! Thanks fo looking that up cristina! And thanks everyone for the kind comments!


LADY LUXIE said...

oh' Ms. Tea

again what a delight to be here..just the inspiration I need for this drabby drabby feel I have...

huggy to you and to your absolutely adorable pets!

from across the oceans


zUzU said...

Tea! =^..^=

Oh I was captivated and left wanting more!
Hats off to Theodore! I shout catnip for all ... and big red bouncing balls for Ben.

YOU my dear ... have quite a talent.

james higham said...

Theodore will have many more tales, don't worry. Also, check Girlpower tomorrow evening, T&M.

Marion said...

Tea, I love these stories...there are many more adventures in store for Theodore to tell!

What a great storyteller you are!

Dan said...

This is so cute, how you wrote this trough the little kitty's eyes. I love cats and this story was so much fun. :)

Jenny said...

I love it! I just recently got hooked on the world of blogs and yours is the first one I have stumbled across. Inspired me to start my own!

Rowan said...

Well, Theodore, you seem to have had a very adventurous and exciting life one way and another. Benjamin must have been a very brave sort of dog and a good friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Theodore! What a fun story!

Janey Loree said...

Awesome story!!! Thanks for stopping by Mustang 'n' Cowboys. Our Red-tailed Golden Retreiver, Diesel Marie, would love Teddy!!

Jacran Cottage said...

Tea, I don't know how to reach you other than through comments here. Could you email me at


judypatooote said...

What a cute story Tea....I was hanging on every word, like a little would make a nice childs tale......and you'd have the pictures to go with it.... it does look like kitty's writing the tale....