Monday, October 16, 2006

A wise fable on the value of friends....

A woman is out for a walk when she falls into a deep hole from which there appears to be no way out. She cries out for help and a passing academic leans over and offers her advice on how to avoid such holes in the future. Later a religious leader hears her cries and suggests she thinks about the true meaning of her predicament and says that there is a Being somewhere who cares about her.
Subsequently a therapist responds with an offer to help her explore how she allowed herself to get into this situation. Various other professionals offer advice as the woman sinks into deeper despair.

Lastly a friend comes by, realizes what has happened and jumps into the hole with her.
The woman is pleased to have the company but also wonders why her friend has put herself in the same situation.
The friend replies "I have been in this hole before, I know the way out".

Author Unknown

*This was something sent in an e-mail once that I saved because I liked it so much.....
*** 1st painting "Two Friends" by Jose Van Gool
2nd "The Two Friends" by Toulouse-Lautrec


Saur♥Kraut said...

Good fable. The first pic is beautiful! Isn't it amazing how a painter can just throw a couple lines in, here and there, and without any detail we can see that the women are beautiful in their own way but look nothing alike?

sheila said...

If we are lucky we can count our *TRUE* friends on one hand.
It's when we fall into that hole we find out who they are.
Nice post Tea.

Christine said...

You, my friend, are very cool! That's a great piece to pass along!~

Janet said...

What a great little fable. Love it.
True friends are so very valuable.

VintagePretty said...

It is true, there are many fair-weather friends, unfortunately you only find out who they are when you really need a friend.

Lovely fable :)

Have a good week (is it still snowing?)

Jacran Cottage said...

What a great fable! True friends are hard to find and something to be treasured.

Jackie in ON

Anonymous said...

Oh that's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!