Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Grandpa`s Love

Grandpa walked into the family room and found his little grandson, standing up in his playpen, just crying his heart out. Great big tears were rolling down his cheeks.
He looked so pitiful, standing there in his little baseball T-shirt, and diaper. His face was red and his eyes were puffy from crying. But as soon as Jeffy saw his grandpa, his face lit up in a way that reached right into that grandpa's heart. The little guy immediately outstretched his chubby little hands and said, "Out, Papa, out!"
What grandpa could resist such a plea? Not that one. He walked over to the playpen and reached down to lift his little buddy out of his captivity and distress.
And just then, right at that very moment "Law and Order" stepped into the room. Jeffy's mom walked out of the kitchen with a dishtowel in her hand and spoke sternly. "No, Jeffy!! You are being punished. You have to stay in bed....And you leave him right there, Dad."
Oh great. Now what's a grandpa to do? His grandson's tears and reaching hands tugged mightily at his heart - but he didn't want to interfere with a mother's discipline either.
He couldn't stand staying in the same room with the boy, reading his newspaper and pretending to be indifferent and as if he didn't notice his crying. But nor could he turn around and walk out the door without feeling like a betrayer to his little pal. What could he do?
Since Grandpa couldn't take Jeffy out of the playpen, he climbed in with him.
"If you're in the playpen, Buddy, I'm in the playpen. What's your sentence? How long are you in for?" And climbing up into his grandpa's lap that little boy found joy even in his captivity. And when the mom walked back in, she couldn't say a word.

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Remiman said...

Thanks for that Tea.
What a fine way to start my day. ;-)

Jeanne said...

How beautiful indeed.
Blessings to you !

Shelley said...

Good Morning, Ms. Tea. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts!

Blessings to you too.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Grandpa..!
What a great story, thanks Tea..!

UKBob said...

Granddads are great like that. I liked the bit about 'Law & Order' walking in to the room.

Janet said...

What a beautiful touching. That grandpa knows how to solve a problem!

Gary said...

Thanks. I love that story. I have never seen it before. The ending really caught me by surprise.

Pretty Lady said...

Thank you very much for telling us this story. Great!

judypatooote said...

Sounds like my uncles...they all got into the playpen with me when I was a baby....I've got a picture to prove cute story...