Saturday, October 28, 2006


After work yesterday we went to Home Depot and got some paint for the kitchen project and grabbed a Boston Pizza to take home to eat while watching our taped Coronation Street.
I`ve finished the ceiling and the woodwork is all done so now it`s time for the walls and the floor. I was going to wallpaper but decided to take Daisy`s advise go with paint. Better for me because this way if I get tired of the curtains and tablecloth I can just make new ones. But I went with cream rather than white because I already have so much white. Pulled some wallpaper off the wall and left the backing to get an idea of the look. I decided to take a sample of one of the colours of acrylic paint that I used to paint a pattern on a little tablecloth in the kitchen which was called antique white. In the store it`s called Savanna Cream. So Savannah Cream it is with White Linen on the cupboards etc. I`ve looked at hundreds of pictures with many white and cream combos and it does work.

Then......I`m going to paint the floor! I looked for info on the net if it was possible to paint on vinyl and it is. So the black and white tiles are going to become glossy white and glossy errrr ummmm... no way to explain this colour! It`s sort of a medium tannish with a pinky undertone called Cozy In. It will soften the look anyway. I still like the checkerboard floor but black is too harsh now. Hope it works! I`ll have to do 4 squares only every day or two and block it off. Impossible to do anymore at once due to the animals and us needing the kitchen. I`ll have before and after pictures eventually and hope that the after ones look better than the before!
Then I saw this cool bath mat that can be thrown in the washing machine. It`s really nice and big too. I`m a bath person, so I had to have it:)

Tonight we`re going to stay in and watch "Mrs. Henderson" with Judie Dench in it on DVD. I`ve been wanting to see this one for awhile. It looks good! Off to tackle wallpaper stripping and painting now....


Anonymous said...

It's a cold wet day here in Southern Ontario,stay inside where it's warm and your painting will soon be finished. I like Behr paint and have used it all through my house. This sounds like a commercial endorsement..sorry!
It's going to look great and I'm looking forward to pictures. Thank you for the comment on my blog about the animals, I sensed you would understand how I felt. you think Sunita and Dev will get back together..??!

Jacran Cottage said...

I think cream and white can look very nice together. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your kitchen. I'm curious also about your floor and how that works out.

And yes Sheila, cold and wet it certainly is. I'm in Southern Ontario as well. I went to St Jacobs today looking in a couple of antique places. All I bought was an 1942 book in etiquette (I like books like that).

I don't think Sunita and Dev will get back together. Sad that the storyline went that way because they were a good couple.

Jackie in ON

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Sheila and Jackie...

I think they might eventually. But first Dev will stop being a jerk to his daughter and they`ll get close. Then Senita maybe will forgive him.


Rowan said...

Hope your decorating goes well - I don't envy you doing those floor tiles! It sounds as though it will look fresh but still warm toned when it's done. Bet Isabelle and Angus don't take kindly to the activities - our cats always hated it when any decorating was being done. Elvis looks pretty laid back though - as though he'll take it in his stride. Just don't interfere with his sofa!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to see your pictures. Behr paint is great. I used it in my living room this past summer. Hubby and I have been discusing the bathroom. The trick is what color? LOL Have fun.

UKBob said...

So Tea you've been watching Coronation Street again have you, I say you've been watching Coronation Street! After painting half the greenhouse and most of the potting shed beleive me paint will stick to anything, glass, grass, boots, trousers, skin, you nae it and I've got paint stuck to it. I sure hope you are going to show us some pics of your handy work.

Daisy Lupin said...

So looking forward to seeing the after pictures, cream and white sounds really cool, then if you feel inclined you can have a different look through drapes, cushions ornaments etc for winter and summer.

Jeanne said...

Blessings to you my sweet friend.
You are always up to something fabulous.
Tell me how you liked Mrs. Henderson.
I love Judie Dench!
Love Jeanne ^j^

Naturegirl said...

You are such a busy bee I am sure this will help in passing the time over winter.I did love the images of cats in LAST post!

Janet said...

I think your painting project sounds wonderful. I've never painted floors but I've seen them do it on TV. The cream and white will be soothing and calming, and will have a fresh, clean look. Can't wait to see the photos.