Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anyone For the Unusual?

Firstly, thank you to everyone for letting me know what you think of Beta Blogger. I`m still going to think about it for a bit and when I have more time to investigate it`s features, give it a try. And now......hahahah...oh my aching stomach......

Paddy is a comfy chair for nutters. The padded cell construction reminds the user of the gift of sanity. The enclosed shape offers an experience of safety and security. It's big bold and pink.

Price: £1500

these from

Wonder Butt Bra
US Patent Issued In 2002

Here's a cheeky idea, The Wonder Butt Bra! As the inventor explains; "In today's society both women and men have become increasingly more concerned with their appearance. A variety of approaches are being taken to improve one's physical appearance, including cosmetic surgery, exercise, dieting, as well as enhancements to the body shape acquired through the wearing of a variety of undergarments. The problem with these previous below-the-waist undergarments, is that none lifts, supports and shapes a person's buttocks similar to the underwire bra that is a fairly common undergarment for women today. While there have been a variety of devices that add padding or some other shape to the buttock, none actually lift it, while also giving it a desirable shape." Well said, my man.
Conveniently, the WBB is fully adjustable to fit all sizes of butts. Big butts, small butts, and all butts in between. Heck, we just like saying the word butts. It just sounds funny. Butts, butts, butts. But we digress… so next time gravity takes its toll on your backside, step into the world of the firm, step into the Wonder Butt Bra. Victoria's Secret, are you listening?

Toilet Timer
US Patent Issued In 1993

Time is of the essence. Time is money. Time waits for no one. Time to get off the throne! And how do you know when it's time to get moving? With the handy, dandy Toilet Timer. Our inventor says that often, many people have to use one bathroom, creating a serious need for bathroom time awareness. Oh, we know what you're thinking, why not put the clock on the wall like you do in the kitchen? Our inventor thinks that wall space in the Loo is at a premium and best left for room decor such as ceramic fishes with ceramic bubbles bubbling upwards. We guess having the Toilet Timer beats holding an egg time between your knees and the best news's flush mounted (pun intended)!

Bag Man
US Patent Issued In 1965

Stadium seats can be hard on ye ole buns and not all stadiums are domed for protection against bad weather. But you can still enjoy the game while sitting in rain, sleet, hail or snow in the Bag Man, your own personal padded biosphere for fallen fashionistas. This boxy invention combines a padded seat cushion with a weatherproof zippered cubist contraption that allows you to poke you face out to catch all the action. It even incorporates a lap flap that not only protects your lap from the elements, it also doubles as a serving tray. Now all you need to do is to stick your feet in a paper grocery bag to complete your exquisite ensemble.

Dad Saddle
US Patent Issued In 2002

Yee haw, giddyup! Strollers are fine for tiny tykes but larger kids need their own modus operandi for freeloading a ride. We think this kid is way to big to not be hoofing it on his own... but hey, maybe they're watching a parade.

The Dad Saddle slips around Daddio's waist and evenly distributes the weight load on his hips for maximum comfort. We want to know where the reins are for steering this steed and we highly recommend no spurs!

Instant Face Lift
US Patent Issued In 1991

Got a hot date but your face features a few flawed folds? You'd like to have a surgeon do a nip and tuck but you only have twenty minutes before Fabio shows up at your door. No worries, relax, have a cup of Chai tea and strap on the sophisticated, do-it-yourself Instant Face Lift. It's easy and fun to apply the anchor band # A to your scalp by parting your hair and squeezing on some surgical adhesive.

Next, glue tabs 3 and 4 to areas that need a little extra stretch and pull the tensioned straps tight for that home-made lifted look. The inventor suggests; "to make the device as inconspicuous as possible, the elements are either completely transparent or flesh color". We’re sure no one will notice that cute little clear plastic blob on your face with a strap on it going into your hair.

Refilling Dog Bowl - 76062

This automatic water bowl always keeps the bowl full of fresh water. Simply fill a 2 liter plastic bottle with water, place it in the tank and let gravity do the rest. Plastic bottle not included. Glazed ceramic. Measures 12"W x 6 3/8"D x 10 3/8"H.

Price: $14.99


Anonymous said... have far too much time on your hands.LOL
Though I must admit, the refilling dog bowl might be a nice Christmas gift for a family pet...!

Rowan said...

Think I'll pass on the butt bra! There could be some mileage in the Bag Man though! DH watches cricket all through the season April to September and goes pretty well regardless of the weather - there could be a Christmas gift here :):)

Janet said...

Wow! Where do you find these?! I think I might enjoy the padded chair thingie! But a few of the others look downright painful!

Jeanne said...


Rosa said...

How hillarious! I love the butt bra! Too funny. xoxo

sugarkiss said...

o.0 omgz, i wantz a butt bra ^^